Young Talents at LiSEC Shine in Hands-On Collaboration with MakerSpace[A]

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In a dynamic collaboration with MakerSpace[A], three rising stars from LiSEC, Florian Buchberger, Severin Gassner, and Lukas Schuller, turn their theoretical knowledge into practical expertise

LiSEC’s commitment to nurturing young talent takes center stage as three of their glass processing apprentices, Florian Buchberger, Severin Gassner, and Lukas Schuller, engage in a hands-on project in collaboration with MakerSpace[A] in Amstetten. The apprentices had the opportunity to apply their theoretical learning to a real-world scenario, contributing to the extension of the MakerSpace[A] hall. The project involved the entire process, from initial design to assembly, providing a valuable learning experience. Andreas Mader, with a dual role in LiSEC Product Management Logistics and MakerSpace[A] membership, expressed delight in the apprentices’ commitment and the lasting value of diverse ideas and discussions.

After a meticulous planning phase in April, the apprentices, supported by LiSEC trainers and professionals, executed the installation of a glass front in June. The experience highlighted the unpredictable nature of real-world projects, offering valuable lessons in adapting to challenges, working within budget constraints, and navigating legal requirements. The apprentices, under the guidance of the apprentice trainers and LiSEC professionals, showcased resilience and teamwork. Stefan Fröschl, the new apprentice trainer, emphasized the importance of hands-on projects, citing their practical relevance and the crucial social component, fostering teamwork at an equal level with adults.

MakerSpace[A] board member Günther Sterlike expressed gratitude for LiSEC’s invaluable support, particularly through the collaboration with apprentices. The partnership not only enriched MakerSpace[A] projects but also showcased the enthusiasm and innovation of young talents working collaboratively. The project, involving the installation of seven glass sheets, underscored the significance of planning and coordination in real-world applications. As LiSEC continues to focus on hands-on projects for apprentices, the collaboration with MakerSpace[A] stands as a testament to fostering practical skills and teamwork in the next generation of industry professionals.

Source: Apazone

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