Yale Introduces Enhanced Security with New Mustang Window Locks

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Discover the Latest in Enhanced Security: Yale Unveils the Mustang Espag and Shootbolt Window Locks

In a strategic move to bolster security measures, Yale proudly presents the Mustang Espag and Shootbolt window locks, now seamlessly integrated into the esteemed Yale product lineup. Formerly part of the Trojan portfolio, these locks have undergone a significant redesign to provide advanced security features, making them a natural fit for the Yale brand.

Paul Atkinson, Yale’s Managing Director, emphasizes, “Our revamped Mustang window lock stands out as the preferred choice for both aluminum and timber systems. With reinforced gearbox strength and rigidity enhancements, it now proudly carries the Yale name, synonymous with quality and trust. Each lock comes complete with distinctive Yale-branded cover caps, adding an extra layer of assurance.”

The Mustang Slim Line Shootbolt variant takes security to the next level with its ultra-slim off-set gearbox, specifically designed for face mounting on flat profiles. Boasting a mere 6.5mm cavity requirement, it effortlessly fits onto profiles with the slimmest sightlines. Crafted from stainless steel for unparalleled corrosion resistance, this variant offers flexibility with only five sizes needed to fabricate sashes ranging from 350mm to 1400mm. An extension bar is also available for larger sizes or off-set handle positions.

Designed with an ultra-slim off-set gearbox, the Mustang Slim Line Reverse Espag emerges as the top choice for aluminum and timber systems. Available as a comprehensive kit, it includes keeps compatible with most profiles, while its twin reverse action cams ensure robust high-security locking. Elevate your security standards with Yale’s latest innovations in window locks.

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