Wideye® by AGC: Unveiling Exceptional ADAS 360° Sensor Integration

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Wideye Showcases Innovative Glass Solutions for ADAS 360° Sensor Integration at IAA Mobility 2023

Wideye, a pioneering scale-up within the AGC Group, is set to unveil its groundbreaking sensor integration solutions for self-driving vehicles at IAA Mobility, taking place in Munich, Germany, from September 5 to 8, 2023. As a leader in the field, Wideye will showcase its state-of-the-art glass innovations designed to efficiently integrate optical sensors for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Autonomous Driving applications, emphasizing both reliability and aesthetics.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Enhanced Safety

With the automotive industry’s heightened emphasis on driver safety and the pursuit of autonomous driving capabilities, the demand for sensor placement across vehicles is on the rise. Wideye recognizes the significance of providing 360° detection coverage and is at the forefront of developing various mounting architectures to meet this critical need.

Innovative Prototypes and Demonstrations

At IAA Mobility, Wideye’s concept car will feature five prototypes that exemplify the company’s prowess in strategically placing sensors around the vehicle. This demonstration underscores Wideye’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to crafting glass solutions that seamlessly align with the evolving landscape of autonomous driving.

Powered by AGC Automotive Europe

Wideye’s venture is backed by AGC Automotive Europe, a branch of the AGC Group specializing in automotive glass solutions. Since its inception in 2016, Wideye has been focused on facilitating the deployment of ADAS technology and advancing the development of fully autonomous vehicles. Through extensive research and development efforts, along with collaborations with sensor manufacturers, Wideye has gained the expertise needed to provide comprehensive 360° sensor integration solutions, from initial stages to mass production. By closely partnering with sensor suppliers, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, and OEMs, Wideye is driving the realization of an autonomous future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Wideye’s cutting-edge advancements in sensor integration at IAA Mobility 2023, as they pave the way for safer and more efficient self-driving vehicles.

Source:  AGC Group  with additional information added by Apazone

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