Why QUALICOAT Is the Preferred Powder Coating Specification in Architectural Innovations

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Decoding the Surge: QUALICOAT’s Ascendancy in Architectural Powder Coating

In the ever-evolving landscape of architectural powder coating, QUALICOAT emerges as the undisputed frontrunner, captivating the industry’s attention and transforming how we perceive coating specifications. While national standards such as BS EN 12206-1:2021 offer a baseline for architectural powder coaters, QUALICOAT goes above and beyond, providing a meticulous and comprehensive approach that is reshaping the industry dynamics.

The current standard, BS EN 12206-1:2021, spans 24 pages, offering a minimum specification that architectural powder coaters must adhere to, encompassing both the pretreatment and powder coating processes. However, when it comes to prestigious commercial projects, the industry often employs powder coating consultants to ensure compliance with these standards. These consultants play a pivotal role in scrutinizing the process, checking the chosen pretreatment system supplier, and verifying the source of the powder manufacturer to maintain the quality standards laid down by BS EN 12206.

On the other hand, the QUALICOAT Specification, spanning over 100 pages, takes a different route. Updated in July 2023 and featuring additional updates applicable from January 2024, QUALICOAT delves into the intricacies of powder coating and testing. Unlike its counterpart, QUALICOAT doesn’t rely on elaborate pictures and sketches; instead, it provides a more detailed and descriptive process, quantifiable with timings and reporting that log each shift within the powder coating applicator.

One significant departure from the traditional approach is QUALICOAT’s insistence on using only QUALICOAT-approved suppliers. These suppliers undergo scrutiny from independent bodies to ensure the quality of their systems. This holistic control mechanism instills confidence in the end product, assuring clients of a finish that aligns with global standards.

But how is the adherence to QUALICOAT’s extensive specification ensured? The answer lies in the members themselves, forming working groups that research and work on various elements of the process. Proposals are put forward for approval, and updates are published within the QUALICOAT Specification, binding all members to a common standard. To guarantee compliance, each member carries a license, subjected to unannounced visits from independent test houses twice a year. In the UK & Ireland, this responsibility falls on IFO from Germany. Non-compliance can lead to the withdrawal of a member’s license, a strict measure that underscores QUALICOAT’s commitment to maintaining quality standards.

In 2023, all 26 applicator members in the UK & Ireland passed both inspections, a testament to the stringent adherence to QUALICOAT’s specifications. Despite the extensive process detail and third-party inspection, the cost of a QUALICOAT Specification remains competitive. In fact, with fewer installation failures experienced by QUALICOAT members, the overall cost is comparable to a reputable applicator coating to BS EN 12206.

As specifiers, the choice between relying on an independent consultant and opting for a QUALICOAT Specification lies in your hands. QUALICOAT’s membership comprises enthusiastic companies dedicated to delivering the highest quality coating. Their willingness to undergo third-party inspections showcases their commitment to transparency and quality. Any member is readily available to assist specifiers seeking guidance, and detailed information is available on the QUALICOAT website.

In conclusion, QUALICOAT isn’t just a coating specification; it’s a paradigm shift in the efficiency and quality of operations. Embrace a coating solution that offers detailed processes, third-party validation, and a cost-effective approach. QUALICOAT isn’t just setting a new standard; it’s redefining the future of architectural powder coating.

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