WE Soda Announces Exciting Plan to Launch IPO on London Stock Exchange

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WE Soda Announces Plans to Go Public, Expanding its Global Presence in Glass Industry

WE Soda, the leading supplier of glass raw materials, has unveiled its intention to launch an initial public offering (IPO) and trade on the prestigious London Stock Exchange (LSE). Backed by the esteemed Turkish conglomerate, Ciner Group, the company specializes in providing soda ash to the global glass industry, positioning itself as the world’s largest producer of natural soda ash.

Driving Growth in a Thriving Market

With an estimated production volume of 5 million metric tonnes in 2022, WE Soda has played a pivotal role in meeting the increasing demand for soda ash, a vital component in various industrial processes. As the global demand for soda ash is projected to rise by 16 million metric tonnes per annum, reaching almost 81 million mtpa by 2030, WE Soda aims to expand its production capacity to meet this burgeoning need.

Strategic Expansion Plans

To achieve its ambitious goals, WE Soda plans to invest approximately $5.0 billion into three major projects, including two greenfield initiatives in Wyoming, USA, and an expansion at its Kazan Soda facility in Turkey. These strategic endeavors will enable WE Soda to more than double its production capacity from 5 million mtpa to an impressive 11 million mtpa by 2030.

Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

WE Soda takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and innovation. As a key player in the energy transition, the company actively contributes to the manufacturing of essential products that support modern life, such as architectural flat glass, glass bottles, PV glass for solar panels, and EV batteries. With its unwavering focus on sustainability and the highest industry standards, WE Soda continues to lead as a global industry pioneer.

CEO Alasdair Warren’s Vision

Alasdair Warren, the visionary CEO of WE Soda, expressed his excitement about the company’s extraordinary journey. He emphasized the indispensability of soda ash in numerous industrial applications, highlighting its critical role in everyday life. Warren proudly stated, “Today, we produce five million metric tonnes of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate every year, catering to a vast and growing market characterized by long-term structural growth.”

As WE Soda embarks on this transformative IPO journey, it aims to strengthen its position as an industry leader while delivering essential products that shape the future of the glass industry.

Source: WE Soda with additional information added by Apazone

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