Vitrum 2023: Forel Shines Bright with Astounding 73.4% Growth!

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Record-Breaking Success at VITRUM 2023

Milan, Italy – The 2023 edition of VITRUM, the prestigious Italian trade show dedicated to glass automation, has concluded on a resounding note of triumph. With an impressive turnout of 7,453 attendees and an average of over 1,800 visitors per day, along with the participation of 218 exhibitors, VITRUM 2023 has achieved remarkable growth, boasting a staggering +73.4% increase in attendance compared to the previous event held in 2021. These extraordinary figures solidify VITRUM’s position as an international industry benchmark.

Forel: A Stellar Presence at VITRUM 2023

Forel, a stalwart exhibitor at VITRUM since 1981, shone brightly amidst this year’s event. The company showcased its latest generation machinery, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge processes, further reinforcing its commitment to providing visitors with a comprehensive display of equipment demonstrations and technological advancements.

“As a company, Forel has always placed significant emphasis on events like VITRUM to showcase our latest product additions,” stated a company representative. “The outcome of this experience has exceeded our expectations, with significantly higher participation compared to the previous edition. VITRUM remains one of the foremost events in our sector, set in the very heart of a country where some of the most influential companies in glass automation were founded and continue to thrive.”

Visitors from more than 90 countries flocked to the event, eager to witness industry excellence and explore the latest trends and technologies. Forel didn’t disappoint, as they unveiled two state-of-the-art processing plants live on their stand, introducing a total of eight new patented innovations.

Innovations that Stole the Spotlight

One standout innovation was the world premiere of Forel’s automatic unloading and logistics system for completed double glazing panels. This groundbreaking system garnered significant attention for its ability to optimize production flow efficiently, making it a strategic choice for any type of double glazing, including those with rigid, flexible, or thermoplastic spacers.

Another patent showcased at VITRUM 2023 was the new mechanical glass positioning system within the Art. EM range of vertical grinders. Already a best-seller in its category, this enhancement allows for precise management of inward radius shapes, further enriching the comprehensive onboard shape library.

A Promising Outlook

The Forel team expressed their satisfaction with the enthusiasm and interest displayed by visitors during VITRUM 2023. “We take pride in our contribution to and participation in VITRUM 2023,” they stated. “We eagerly anticipate the next edition, with confidence that those who missed this year’s event will reevaluate their strategies, strengthening the positioning of Italian technologies as leaders in the global glass automation sector.”

As VITRUM 2023 drew to a close, it became evident that this year’s event was not just a success—it was a testament to innovation, excellence, and the enduring impact of Italian craftsmanship in the glass automation industry.

Source: Forel with additional information added by Apazone

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