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Experience the Wonder of Glass Architecture with ESD Systeemwanden and Quality Assured by Viprotron ECO Scanner

Architecture is not just about designing buildings; it’s about creating space and evoking emotions through aesthetic design. Glass walls have become increasingly popular in modern architecture, providing a sense of transparency and openness. ESD Systeemwanden, a company based in the Netherlands, specializes in the construction and installation of glass system walls. With over 16 years of experience and continuous innovation, they offer unique designs and spectacular room atmospheres. Their refined glass surfaces create rooms within rooms, while still maintaining a connection to the outside world and allowing natural light to flow through.

However, with the increasing demand for glass walls during the pandemic, defects in the glass panes became more prevalent. To address this issue, ESD Systeemwanden started a quality control initiative in collaboration with GS Technics BV and Ralph Smeets. Viprotron’s ECO scanner was implemented to detect and eliminate glass defects during the production process, ensuring high-quality products are delivered to the customers.

The ECO scanner checks every single pane for defects, and Viprotron is constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality control process. By partnering with ESD Systeemwanden, they have shown their commitment to providing the best possible product and service to their customers.

Take inspiration from the incredible use of flat glass in modern architecture, but always remember the importance of quality control. Click here for the little “helper” with a big effect!

Source: Viprotron GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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