VIA VIKA in Oslo: Pioneering Closed Cavity Façade Technology as Northern Europe’s First

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Revolutionizing Urban Aesthetics: Press Glass Innovates with Unique Glass Façade at VIA Vika Building in Oslo

The cityscape of Oslo, Norway, has been transformed by the grandeur of innovation – introducing VIA Vika, a remarkable commercial edifice spanning 62,500 m². Carved against the urban canvas, this architectural marvel stands as the inaugural endeavor in Northern and Eastern Europe to embrace the groundbreaking closed cavity façade (CCF) technology. This remarkable feat materialized through the synergistic collaboration between Press Glass and Staticus, culminating in the delivery of over 15,500 m² of glass.

A Glimpse of Urban Renaissance: Unveiling VIA Vika

Against the backdrop of Oslo’s business district, VIA Vika emerges as a beacon of sustainable design. A captivating testimony to modernity, this colossal structure, envisioned by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, weaves together a multitude of influences, crowned by a one-of-a-kind glass façade conceptualized by the visionary Staticus team.

Harmonizing Contrasts: The Beauty of Innovation

Distinguishing itself through ingenious design, VIA Vika’s façade interlaces the realms of closed cavity façade (CCF) and single skin façade (SSF), orchestrating a symphony of thermal and acoustic excellence. Encompassing a sprawling 20,000 m², this dual-layered façade weaves an intricate dance of superior thermal insulation and acoustic comfort, enriching the building’s inhabitant experience.

A Glimpse into the Future: CCF’s Inner Workings

Delving deeper, the essence of VIA Vika’s architectural prowess lies within the symbiotic relationship of its two façade layers. The synergy between single glass panes and double-glazed units breathes life into the concept of closed cavity façade (CCF). A ventilated space between these layers, warmed by dry air, synergistically elevates the building’s energy efficiency. This transformation is exemplified by the “Excellent” BREEAM-NOR certificate, cementing the structure’s sustainable legacy.

Crafting Aesthetic Elegance: A Fusion of Materials

VIA Vika stands as a testament to architectural finesse. The marriage of stainless steel adorned with a rose gold titanium coating alongside glass offers an aesthetic spectacle. A captivating visual journey unfolds, further amplified by the integration of natural limestone tiles on closed cavity façades.

Unveiling Excellence: A Story of Contribution

Press Glass plays an instrumental role, contributing over 15,500 m² of glass for VIA Vika’s façade. The array encompasses 5,000 m² of single glass panes tempered with ESG and HST processes, along with 10,000 m² of two-chamber glazed units featuring Silverstar EN2Plus 1.1 T and Climaguard Premium 2 1.1 coatings. These coatings ensure exceptional light transmission and superior thermal insulation, fostering a dynamic interplay of functionality and aesthetics.

A Tale of Tenacity: Overcoming Challenges

The construction of VIA Vika posed a unique challenge, demanding the assembly of a glass dome measuring approximately 3×6 m with arched edges. Undeterred by adversities, the Staticus team orchestrated a triumphant feat, showcasing the adaptability of human determination.

Elevating Urban Lifestyles: VIA Vika’s Impact

VIA Vika bridges business and urban life, offering a canvas for pedestrian interactions, passages, and squares. Anchoring office, restaurant, and retail spaces, the structure weaves a tapestry that resonates with the city’s heartbeat. A tribute to innovation, it leaves an indelible mark on the city’s landscape and captures the collective admiration of residents and companies alike.

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📷 Photographs: © Andrius Gudelis

📐 Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

🏗️ Contractor: Staticus

Client: Veidekke Entreprenor AS

Investor: Storebrand Eiendom AS and Aspelin Ramm AS

Source: Press Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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