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Vetropack’s Echovai Secures Prestigious Swiss Packaging Award 2023

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Vetropack’s Echovai Receives Swiss Packaging Award for Revolutionary Lightweight Glass Bottle

Vetropack Group’s groundbreaking Echovai process, which produces thermally tempered lightweight glass bottles, has been honored with the prestigious Swiss Packaging Award in the “Technology” category. This innovative solution not only offers enhanced stability but also delivers remarkable environmental benefits, impressing both the jury and the industry.

Revolutionizing Glass Bottle Production

After nearly a decade of dedicated research at the Vetropack Group Innovation Centre, the Echovai process has achieved a major breakthrough. It enables the controlled thermal hardening of glass bottles while ensuring economic feasibility of lightweight glass production. Collaborating with the Austrian Mohrenbrauerei in a successful pilot project, millions of these exceptional lightweight glass bottles have been manufactured and put to the test.

Environmental Advantages and Superior Durability

By utilizing the Echovai process, the 0.33-liter returnable bottles achieve an impressive weight reduction of approximately 30% compared to standard bottles. Moreover, these lightweight glass bottles exhibit remarkable resistance to abrasion, surpassing the performance of conventional returnable bottles. These exceptional attributes captured the attention of the jury, leading to Echovai’s victory in the “Technology” category of the Swiss Packaging Award.

Recognition and Future Prospects

Echovai’s triumph did not end there. The jury also presented the lightweight glass bottle with a special prize, further acknowledging its outstanding qualities. Out of 21 nominated packaging solutions, Echovai emerged as the winner, earning it a spot in the World Packaging Award—an exciting prospect for the innovative Swiss development team.

Acknowledging Dedication and Success

Daniel Egger, Head of Innovation at Vetropack Group, expressed immense pride in the recognition received through the esteemed Swiss Packaging Award. He emphasized that the development of the Echovai solution was made possible by the unwavering determination and perseverance of the company’s colleagues. The accolades serve as a resounding affirmation of their exceptional work.

Source:  Vetropack Group with additional information added by Apazone

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