Vetropack Restarts Production in Ukraine, Ensuring a Reliable Supply of Glass Packaging

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Vetropack Restarts Glass Packaging Production in Ukraine, Bringing Hope and Support

Leading European glass packaging manufacturer Vetropack is making a cautious return to full production at its Ukrainian site, PrJSC Gostomel near Kyiv. Following extensive clean-up work and repairs due to severe damage from a military attack in 2022, Vetropack is heating up one of its remaining furnaces, marking a significant milestone towards recovery.

Resuming Production and Supporting the Workforce

With the resumption of production, Vetropack is ready to address potential new crisis scenarios while ensuring the well-being of its workforce. The company has established a foundation to provide financial aid to Ukrainian colleagues profoundly impacted by the war, demonstrating its commitment to supporting those affected.

Progress and Expansion

As of 25 May, the first melting furnace is being brought up to temperature and will soon be filled, marking a crucial step towards the production of new glass, expected to commence in June. Vetropack will initially focus on producing white glass for food and drinks, aligning with the growing demand in the domestic market. The company anticipates a seven percent increase in demand for glass packaging in 2023 compared to 2022, which aligns with its production capacity. The heat-up of the second furnace is planned to follow shortly.

Ensuring Energy Supply and Emergency Preparedness

Protecting the workforce remains a top priority for Vetropack. The site has implemented various engineering scenarios to ensure energy supply during blackouts, including the remodeling of the electrical distribution system and the installation of additional generators. Contingency plans have also been put in place to address potential gas supply disruptions.

Rebuilding and Restoring Employment

Prior to the war, Vetropack operated three furnaces and eight production lines at the Ukrainian site, producing a diverse range of glass packaging. Unfortunately, due to the severe damage sustained, production had to be halted, leading to a significant reduction in jobs. However, Vetropack’s commitment to revitalizing the site has resulted in the hiring of 139 new employees, primarily former staff, to resume production and contribute to the region’s recovery.

Vetropack Foundation Gostomel: Providing Aid and Support

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Vetropack established the Vetropack Gostomel Foundation to provide assistance to employees who experienced severe loss or injuries. Generous donations from employees, business partners, and customers amounted to CHF 960,000 within a few months. The foundation has already begun disbursing funds, supporting more than 50 employees by April 2023.

With determination and resilience, Vetropack is making a triumphant return to the Ukrainian market, supporting its employees and playing a vital role in rebuilding the region’s glass packaging industry.

Source: Vetropack with additional information added by Apazone

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