Vetropack Group’s Semi-Annual Report 2023: Embarking on a New Chapter

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Vetropack Group: Celebrating Milestones and Resilience

In an exciting turn of events, Vetropack Group proudly inaugurates its new Italian plant, marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion. This new endeavor underscores Vetropack’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Ukraine Site Roars Back to Life

Another remarkable achievement for Vetropack is the resumption of production at the Ukraine site. This comeback demonstrates the company’s resilience and unwavering dedication, even in challenging times.

A Fresh Perspective

To celebrate these momentous achievements, Vetropack introduces a fresh look to its report, embodying the spirit of progress and transformation.

Impressive Growth Amid Challenges

Despite a market environment characterized by tension and volatility, the Vetropack Group reports exceptional performance in the first half of 2023. Net sales from goods and services have surged by 9.9 percent (or an impressive 13.9 percent after adjusting for currency effects), reaching CHF 477.9 million, compared to the prior year’s CHF 435.0 million. The consolidated EBIT has risen to CHF 70.1 million, a notable increase from CHF 48.3 million in the previous year.

Resilience and Innovation Leading the Way

After a challenging 2022, heavily impacted by the Ukraine war, Vetropack is now back on the path to growth. Innovative products and cutting-edge facilities are driving forces propelling the company forward. These achievements are a testament to Vetropack’s unyielding commitment to its strategic objectives and its dedicated workforce.

Source:  Vetropack with additional information added by Apazone

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