Verallia Glass Producer Strengthens Leadership Team with Three Key Appointments

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Strategic Reshuffle: Verallia Announces Three Significant Appointments in Leadership Roles

Verallia, the prominent French glass packaging company, has undergone a strategic reorganization with three key appointments in its leadership team. Axel Guilloteau takes the helm as the General Manager for Verallia UK, while Marie-Astrid Gossé assumes the role of Marketing Director for Verallia Group. Alessandro Bocchio is appointed Sales and Marketing Director France & Key Accounts Coordinator for Verallia Group. These seasoned professionals will play pivotal roles in implementing Verallia’s strategic plan, aligning with the company’s overarching vision to “reimagine glass for a sustainable future.”

Patrice Lucas, CEO of Verallia Group, expressed confidence in the growth ambitions of the business and highlighted the strategic significance of these appointments. Axel Guilloteau’s transition to head Verallia UK is recognized as a valuable asset, particularly in fortifying the company’s leadership in the premium spirits bottle segment. The arrival of Marie-Astrid Gossé as Group Marketing Director is applauded, bringing her years of experience in the same role in the French subsidiary.

Pierre-Henri Desportes, General Manager Verallia France, expressed pride in Axel Guilloteau’s progression and extended a warm welcome to Alessandro Bocchio. Bocchio’s international experience, coupled with a strategic vision, positions him well to contribute to the growth of Verallia’s business and the development of environmentally conscious products.

Axel Guilloteau, appointed General Manager Verallia UK, brings over two decades of experience in the packaging sector, having held roles in various capacities globally. Marie-Astrid Gossé, as Marketing Director Verallia Group, is tasked with developing and implementing the group’s marketing strategy, optimizing customer experience, and ensuring the alignment of offerings with strategic plans and CSR roadmaps. Alessandro Bocchio, now Sales and Marketing Director France & Key Accounts Coordinator Verallia Group, will focus on promoting Verallia’s French expertise, customer proximity, and driving innovation in line with the group’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) roadmap.

This strategic reshuffle underscores Verallia’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the glass packaging industry.

Source: Apazone

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