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Verallia Elevates Glass Reuse Initiatives Across Europe

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VERALLIA: Pioneering Sustainable Glass Reuse for a Brighter Tomorrow

Verallia, a trailblazer in the realm of glass re-use, is unwavering in its commitment to reshape the future of glass packaging sustainably. Aligned with its overarching mission to “reimagine glass for a sustainable future,” the Verallia Group has embarked on a transformative journey that commenced in 2020. This journey is dedicated to fostering innovation, reducing CO2 emissions, elevating the utilization of recycled glass in its production, and championing the development of glass reuse solutions. With a resolute aim to slash emissions by a substantial 46 percent (in absolute terms, scopes 1 and 2), Verallia has set its sights on achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Glass: The Inherent Sustainability Champion

The inherent attributes of glass, including its composition, remarkable conservation capabilities, and safety features, position it as a favored material for reuse endeavors. Inherently circular, glass can be repurposed up to 30 or even 50 times without any loss in quality before ultimately achieving 100 percent recycling, ensuring no material goes to waste.

Europe’s Quest for Sustainable Glass Reuse

Verallia’s dedication to sustainable practices transcends borders, with a series of local initiatives and groundbreaking pilot projects launched across several European markets.

Germany: Pioneering Reusable Wine Bottles

In Germany, a nation renowned for its mature approach to reusability, Verallia is making significant investments in its own national range of reusable 0.75-liter wine bottles, available in two distinctive colors. This ambitious undertaking establishes the subsidiary as a pioneer in reuse, offering comprehensive solutions encompassing manufacturing, delivery, cleaning, and logistics.

Spain: An Innovative Wine Growing Endeavor

In Spain, Verallia is actively participating in a prominent working group led by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV). The group is spearheading a pilot project named REBO2VINO, focused on evaluating the impact and feasibility of a bottle reuse system within the wine sector. This initiative comprehensively assesses all aspects of the value chain and product life cycle.

France: Partnership with Bout’ à Bout’

Among the myriad of local reuse initiatives, Verallia has joined forces with Bout’ à Bout’, a Nantes-based startup founded in 2016. Recognized for its proficiency in piloting the entire reuse cycle, from glass packaging collection to thorough washing and efficient redistribution, Verallia France has made a strategic investment in Bout’ à Bout’. This partnership leverages Verallia’s technical and logistical expertise to facilitate the expansion of this promising venture.

Italy: The “Re-use Lab” Prelude

Italy hosted a pivotal “Re-use Lab” gathering in March 2023, convening over a hundred key stakeholders. This assembly facilitated a comprehensive review of local circular economy circuits and the exploration of opportunities for re-use development. It laid the groundwork for an upcoming pilot project that promises to further advance sustainable practices in Italy.

As Verallia forges ahead with its visionary mission to redefine the future of glass packaging, these initiatives underscore its unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, offering a promising glimpse into the future of eco-conscious packaging solutions.

Source: Verallia with additional information added by Apazone

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