Urmilla Sowell from NGA Shines at Glass Performance Days 2023

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Discover the Latest Insights from NGA’s Urmilla Sowell at Glass Performance Days 2023

Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2023, scheduled from June 14 to 16 in the vibrant city of Tampere, Finland, promises to be a pivotal event for the glass industry. With the theme “Way to Grow,” this conference illuminates the emerging challenges that shape our lives and businesses as we navigate the path to growth. GPD serves as a gathering ground for visionaries, researchers, architects, designers, glass producers, processors, equipment providers, and end users, collectively fostering innovation and collaboration.

Urmilla Sowell: Leading the Way with Expert Presentations

Apazone proudly presents Urmilla Sowell, the esteemed Vice President of Advocacy & Technical Services at the National Glass Association (NGA), as a distinguished speaker at GPD 2023. Urmilla Sowell’s insightful presentations are set to captivate audiences on multiple occasions throughout the conference:

1. June 14: Workshop: “Sending Glass to North America? A Standards Overview”

Join Urmilla Sowell, alongside renowned industry experts Julia Schimmelpenningh from Eastman Chemical Company, Tom Culp from Birch Point Consulting, and NGA’s Energy Code Consultant, as they deliver an enlightening workshop. Gain comprehensive insights into the standards and guidelines governing the transportation of glass to North America. Be prepared to navigate the intricacies of this crucial aspect of the industry.

2. June 15: “Flat Glass Recycling in Europe and the US: State of Play and Challenges for Enhanced Circularity”

Engage in a compelling discussion led by Bertrand Cazes, representing Glass for Europe, and Urmilla Sowell from the National Glass Association. Delve into the current state of flat glass recycling in Europe and the United States, exploring challenges and opportunities for fostering a circular economy. Discover groundbreaking strategies that can propel the glass industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

3. June 15: “North American Glass and Glazing Market Trends”

Stay ahead of the curve with Urmilla Sowell’s presentation on North American Glass and Glazing Market Trends. Uncover the latest developments, emerging technologies, and evolving consumer demands that are shaping the glass industry in North America. Gain valuable insights to steer your business towards success in this dynamic market landscape.

Source: Glass Performance Days 2023 with additional information added by Apazone

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