Unwavering Trust: Wiegand-Glas Chooses HORN Glass Technology for the Fifth Successive Projec

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A Legacy of Innovation: Wiegand-Glas Chooses HORN Glass Technology

The rich history of the Wiegand-Glas Group, a revered German container glass manufacturer, is interwoven with a commitment to pioneering packaging solutions crafted from glass and PET. With over 450 years of expertise, Wiegand-Glas stands as a beacon of excellence in the European container glass industry. Operating from four strategically located plants in Steinbach am Wald, Ernstthal, Großbreitenbach, and Schleusingen, the company produces a staggering eight million glass containers daily, catering to the beverage and food sectors.

Elevating Technology, Ensuring Quality

In a testament to their pursuit of excellence, Wiegand-Glas entrusted HORN Glass, a leading name in the industry, with their latest venture. HORN Glass embarked on a comprehensive project, encompassing glass draining, the meticulous dismantling of existing furnaces, and the meticulous construction of an advanced end fired furnace. This endeavor included engineering the refractory material, steel structure, tempering, full melting, and commissioning, ensuring every element aligned with the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Cutting-Edge Furnace Innovation

Central to this project was the installation of a new combustion system, an E-Fusion boosting system, and a range of furnace equipment, including the cutting-edge HORN HVR® 700 S-2P batch charger. The furnace itself boasts state-of-the-art technology, featuring side electrodes for melting boosting, bottom electrodes for barrier, refining, and flow boosting, as well as forehearth boosting. Innovations like new burner holders and a swiveling agitator further underscore HORN Glass’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement.

A Seamless Partnership, A Bright Future

Wiegand-Glas’s trust in HORN Glass speaks volumes about the seamless partnership between the two industry giants. HORN Glass expresses gratitude to Wiegand-Glas for their unwavering confidence and collaboration. As a testament to this trust, plans are already in motion for a follow-up order, marking another chapter in the enduring partnership between Wiegand-Glas and HORN Glass. Stay tuned for the exciting developments as these innovative minds continue to shape the future of glass manufacturing.

Source: Wiegand-Glas Group with additional information added by Apazone

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