Unveiling TUROMAS’ Cutting-Edge Decoating System – Empowering High-Performance Solutions

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Introducing TUROMAS’ Revolutionary ACR Decoating System: Unlocking a New Era in Glass Processing!

In a world where superior glass quality and product protection are paramount, TUROMAS has taken the lead in crafting an innovative solution to meet the demands of the glass market. Enter TUROMAS’ groundbreaking ACR (Advanced Coating Removal) decoating system, designed to excel in removing various protective plastics and resins during the glass-cutting process.

Satisfying Unmet Needs: ACR Decoating Redefines Excellence

The rising demand for high-quality glass products necessitates a cutting-edge system capable of efficiently removing a wide range of coatings while minimizing its environmental impact. TUROMAS’ ACR rises to the challenge, catering to higher glass volumes in multiple coating formats, and offering an eco-friendly solution that is second to none.

The Marvel of ACR Decoating: Advanced Coating Removal at Its Finest

At the heart of TUROMAS’ new system lies the self-calibrated ACR, engineered to handle high-performance glass with plastic protective coatings (TPF). Additionally, it showcases its prowess in dealing with the cutting-edge EASYPRO® coating, a product by Saint-Gobain, providing impeccable protection against mechanical damage and aging during transportation, handling, storage, and processing. Notably, the EASYPRO® coating evaporates effortlessly during tempering, leaving no residue and ensuring both the glass surface and people’s health remain unaffected.

Two-Phase Decoating and Advanced Cooling – The TUROMAS Advantage

The ACR system introduces two game-changing developments: the two-phase decoating system and the Advanced Cooling System – both patented by TUROMAS.

  1. Two-Phase Decoating System: When working with TPF glass, the protective layer’s edges tend to lift off, exposing the low emissivity layer. TUROMAS’ ingenious two-phase decoating process mitigates this issue. The grinding wheel is strategically positioned at a distance of 10 mm from the edge or corner, commencing decoating in the opposite direction to prevent the protective layer from lifting.
  2. Advanced Cooling System: Temperature variations are addressed with an integrated cooling system that prevents significant temperature rise at the grinding wheel edges, especially during multi-pass processes or longer glass strips. The cooling process involves blowing cold air onto the grinding wheel, effectively reducing the number of grinding operations and ensuring a flawless decoating finish.

Grinding Wheel Precision: The Key to Decoating Excellence

The soft coated sheets’ edges are seamlessly removed using a grinding wheel, set to a specific speed for each sheet type. The grinding wheel’s magnetic drive, combined with an analog sensor and PID controller, guarantees constant and homogeneous pressure application, yielding precise results. The ACR system can swiftly decoat any type of coating, whether linear operations or complex shapes, enhancing overall cycle time efficiency.

Hermetic Housing for Impeccable Results

To optimize residue absorption during the decoating process, TUROMAS has designed a hermetic housing for the entire system, ensuring no air leaks compromise its performance. The housing’s convenient opening system facilitates easy replacement and maintenance of the grinding wheel, contributing to an uninterrupted workflow.

Efficient Residue Collection: Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

To ensure a clean workspace, TUROMAS has incorporated a high-flow, three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner into the ACR decoating system. This powerful cleaner efficiently collects residues generated during the decoating process, especially when dealing with large quantities of dust, resulting in considerable time and resource savings.

Seamless Integration: Air Ducting System

An 80 cm hose, guided by cable chains specially-designed for this function, connects the industrial vacuum cleaner to the decoating system, ensuring linearity and optimal air flow, further enhancing the ACR’s overall performance.

Unleash the Potential with TUROMAS’ ACR Decoating System

With TUROMAS’ new high-performance ACR decoating system, your glass processing endeavors will reach unprecedented heights. Say goodbye to coating challenges, welcome efficiency, and embrace an eco-friendly solution that sets new standards in the glass industry. Experience the future of glass processing today with TUROMAS!

Source: Turomas with additional information added by Apazone

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