Unveiling the Power-Packed Highlights of the General Assembly Meeting: Gütegemeinschaft and QKE Review

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Reflecting on the Impactful General Assembly Meeting: Gütegemeinschaft and QKE

On May 11, 2023, the Dorint Hotel in Halle an der Saale witnessed a remarkable gathering of approximately 50 esteemed members, partners, and media representatives. The occasion marked the joint general meeting of two influential associations, Gütegemeinschaft (GKFP) and QKE. Notably, this highly anticipated event garnered the attention of numerous online participants, who actively engaged in the half-day proceedings.

Illuminating Insights on Industry Transformation

The meeting unfolded in two distinct segments, consisting of a public session and an internal segment. In the morning, the public session captivated attendees with an array of compelling presentations focusing on pivotal industry topics that bear significance both now and in the future. Among the highlights, discussions revolved around the intricate interplay between geopolitical developments in Asia and their profound impact on supply chains. Additionally, the imperative of embracing resource-efficient buildings and innovative recycling technologies formed essential pillars of the sustainability discourse.

Inspiring Keynote Address by Patrick Seitz

Commencing the event on an inspiring note, Patrick Seitz, Chairman of the Board of QKE, graced the stage and delivered an engaging keynote address. His thought-provoking remarks set the tone for an intellectually stimulating gathering, laying the foundation for subsequent discussions.

Shaping the Future of Building Renovation

Thomas Drinkuth, the Representative Office Transparent Building Envelope, took the floor to present an insightful discourse on “minimum energy standards for existing buildings.” In his captivating digital presentation, Drinkuth shed light on the pressing political debate advocating for enhanced efforts in building renovation. Drawing attention to the looming building crisis, he underlined the urgent need for robust political support to stimulate new construction endeavors. Additionally, he emphasized the pivotal role of the Building Energy Act, which warrants careful consideration within the industry.

Unveiling Asia’s Market Dynamics by Dr. Karl Waldkirch

Dr. Karl Waldkirch, the esteemed Managing Director of ASC (Asia Success Company), took center stage to provide an illuminating overview of the Asian market’s evolution. With profound expertise, he elucidated the intricate geopolitical and economic conditions that shape the region. Waldkirch delved into the profound impact of socio-demographic changes on Asia’s economic development, highlighting the evolving roles within the global landscape. Drawing attention to China’s transformation into a global investor, he stressed the growing independence from foreign investment. To succeed in the region, he emphasized the significance of understanding local markets and cultural nuances, often accessed through strategic entry points such as Vietnam. Furthermore, Waldkirch explored the dynamics of globalization and de-globalization, cautioning against potential long-term challenges in supply chains without appropriate countermeasures.

Pioneering Newcycling for Sustainable Plastic Recycling

Florian Riedel of APK AG took the stage to introduce the revolutionary concept of Newcycling. As a novel physical recycling process developed by APK, it offers an alternative to chemical recycling, yielding high-quality plastic recyclates. Riedel meticulously compared the merits of chemical and physical recycling methods, offering insights into the recycling process’s evolution and the journey from initial tests to the development of an industrial solution. Remarkably, the Newcycling process preserves polymer chains by dissolving the polymers, granting it a distinct advantage. Riedel also shared the exciting prospect of applying the process to PVC, effectively broadening its scope. Responding to an audience inquiry, he affirmed the process’s potential in removing heavy metals, further accentuating its ecological significance.

Empowering Members through Internal Proceedings

Following a brief lunch break, the meeting transitioned into its internal segment, reserved exclusively for QKE and Quality Association members. This session encompassed reporting, voting, and discussions concerning regulations and formalities. Notably, a crucial decision emerged from the deliberations, leading to the decision to rename QKE as EPPA Germany. This strategic move aims to streamline the association structure and reinforce industry representation through a robust industry association, EPPA, alongside a formidable quality association. To determine the content-focused direction, the quality association will conduct a strategy workshop in late October.

Unlocking Exclusive Member Content

For access to the comprehensive presentations and a detailed overview of the general meeting, including that of the quality association, members can find all the valuable resources in the password-protected member area..

Source: www.gkfp.de with additional information added by Apazone

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