Unveiling the Innovative Evolution of NorthGlass Super Glass at Hong Kong Taikoo Place

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The Evolution of NorthGlass Super Glass at Hong Kong Taikoo Place

The Glass Deep Processing Division of NorthGlass played a pivotal role in the remarkable transformation of the original factory buildings at Taikoo Place into sophisticated, high-end office spaces. Their exceptional craftsmanship contributed to the resounding success of the project.

Taikoo Place: Hong Kong’s Premier Business District

Situated in the East District of Hong Kong Island, Taikoo Place stands as one of the most meticulously planned and dynamic business districts in the region. Since the early 1990s, Swire Properties envisioned the conversion of three factory buildings into upscale office complexes: “One Taikoo Place” and “Two Taikoo Place.” NorthGlass’ Glass Deep Processing Division played a significant role in the innovative evolution of Taikoo Place’s curtain wall glass, starting from the “One” podium to the entire glass supply for “Two.”

Unveiling Super Glass at Taikoo Place

The podium of “One Taikoo Place” boasts the utilization of NorthGlass’ impressive 17.1-meter super glass, characterized by its large specifications, special varieties, and complex production processes. Achieving exceptional straightness in the ultra-long glass, including stringent requirements for polishing quality, and maintaining a minimal 1mm difference in multi-layer pairing stack, which includes a 45-degree hypotenuse, showcases NorthGlass’ commitment to precision. Moreover, the installation of a 5-layer ultra-wide slanted-edge panel glue frame with an error controlled within 2mm adds to the overall superior quality.

Exquisite Glass Features at Taikoo Place

The “Phase I” glass curtain wall, comprised of 22 panels and 18 glass ribs, presents a transparent and magnificent lobby space. The corners of the three glass walls seamlessly join with right-angle glass, featuring a 45-degree hypotenuse, ensuring a panoramic field of vision. This project not only set a new record in glass size but also catalyzed advancements in transportation, installation, and related industries, paving the way for the widespread use of super-large glass in buildings.

Taikoo Place Two: A Testament to NorthGlass’ Craftsmanship

Taikoo Place Two, including the podium and tower, relies on NorthGlass for its entire 33,000 square meters of curtain wall glass. The tower features ultra-wide square double-silver-coated tempered glass, 3D multi-curved tempered glass, super-large curved tempered glass, tapered curved tempered glass, and other complex glass types that exemplify NorthGlass’ mastery of intricate processes.

Iconic Design Elements of Taikoo Place Two

The recently completed Tower 2 of Taikoo Place stands tall at 195 meters, showcasing NorthGlass’ provision of 3×3 meters of double silver-coated tempered glass for the main building. The podium boasts an ultra-thick hollow laminated tempered glass enclosure structure, stretching 15 meters in height and eliminating the need for any glass ribs. This design choice offers a remarkable level of transparency and panoramic views to Pacific Place. The glass panes supplied by NorthGlass enhance the building’s aesthetics with graceful lines and vibrant colors. The tapered bent steel design applied to the four corners of the building allows for a seamless transition of the arc, adding to its allure.

Overcoming Challenges at Taikoo Place Two

The square glass design, measuring 3 meters on each side, posed significant challenges for tempering and required meticulous attention to the flatness of the glass edge. To address these demands, NorthGlass developed its top series tempering furnace, optimizing the furnace configuration and incorporating super symmetrical heating technology to minimize wind spots.

Furthermore, the use of high-performance double-silver coating combined with the 3-meter square layout presented additional complexities in the glass tempering process. NorthGlass meticulously controlled the process parameters to meet energy-saving and color requirements, resulting in a visually stunning building that emanates elegance during the day and captivates with brilliance at night.

Setting New Standards in Sustainability

Taikoo Place Two has achieved prestigious certifications, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), BEAM Plus, and WELL Building Certification Platinum pre-certification. These accolades establish a new benchmark for energy performance within the Pacific Place development. NorthGlass remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of architectural glass, steadfastly practicing sustainable development principles, and assisting domestic and international architects in realizing their goals and visions for sustainable design.

The successful completion of multiple Swire projects showcases NorthGlass’ breakthroughs in large-scale, high-quality architectural glass. It demonstrates the company’s remarkable technological capabilities and craftsmanship, positioning NorthGlass as an industry leader.

Source: Luoyang North Glass Technology Co., Ltd. with additional information added by Apazone

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