Unveiling the Future: Schraml Introduces the latest topDRILL G8 Glass Drilling Machine!

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Introducing the 8th Generation topDRILL G8 Glass Drilling Machine by Schraml Glastechnik GmbH!

Schraml Glastechnik GmbH, a proud member of the esteemed LiSEC Group, marks a groundbreaking milestone with the launch of the topDRILL G8, the latest evolution of their renowned glass drilling machine. Unveiled for the first time at the glasstec 2022 trade fair in Düsseldorf, this cutting-edge system has been further optimized, boasting an 8-slot revolver and the option for a water jet head. With impressive productivity, flexibility, and user-friendliness, the topDRILL G8 sets a new standard in the glass industry.

Exceptional Highlights of the topDRILL G8

Designed for rapid, practical, and precise drilling and countersinking of glass, the topDRILL G8 handles both processes from both sides, accommodating various glass sizes. The optional water jet head adds versatility and opens doors to additional applications. Programming in the Industry 4.0 standard enables seamless processing of individual sheets and glass lites in series, ensuring maximum productivity and flexibility within a compact footprint. The machine boasts user-friendly operation, requiring minimal maintenance.

Unrivaled Options for Customization

The topDRILL G8 offers a wide array of options, including glass thickness measurement for thickness checking, a ball screw on the Y-axis, a water jet system with a high-pressure pump and water treatment, extension modules on both sides, and various data interfaces for connection to IoT systems. Sustainability was a key consideration in its development, resulting in a resource-saving design with rapid cycle times, reducing the need for floor space, operator time, water, electricity, and compressed air.

topDRILL RX 25 G8: Unleash Performance and Flexibility

The topDRILL RX 25 G8 caters to performance-driven operations, offering swift and flexible hole drilling capabilities. Seamlessly integrate it into production lines, such as the combiFIN, where it effortlessly complements vertical CNC grinding and polishing machines. Furthermore, the topDRILL can seamlessly collaborate with third-party devices, demonstrating its adaptability and efficiency.

Distinction Between topDRILL RX and NC

The topDRILL G8 is available in two versions: RX and NC. The type NC features a fast single drilling head on the front and back of the machine, designed for series operation with a manual quick-change system. On the other hand, the type RX topDRILL boasts an 8-slot revolver head on both sides, enabling tool changes while drilling or countersinking is still ongoing. This innovation allows unbeatable speed and efficiency. Both versions can now be equipped with a fully integrated water jet head, facilitating unrestricted fitting or interior cut-outs.

Leading the Way to the Future

Schraml envisions a future of enhanced software and user-friendliness, with full digital support for maintenance activities. The topDRILL G8 will be the first to feature an integrated and predictive maintenance control system. Embracing industry trends, Schraml is working on integrating loading and logistics systems with software optimization, developing special designs for the solar and PV industry, and implementing digital twins to calculate and monitor all operating data.

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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