Unveiling the Future of Avian Safety: Eastman Saflex™ FlySafe™ 3D PVB Interlayers Lead the Way in Expanding Bird-Friendly Solutions!

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New Color Options, Sizes, and Applications: Saflex™ FlySafe™ 3D PVB Interlayers Take Bird Protection to New Heights

The preservation of avian life and the harmony of our ecosystems are paramount concerns in the modern world. Yet, with an alarming number of birds fatally colliding with glass structures each year, the need for bird-friendly solutions has never been more pressing.

Addressing this challenge head-on, Eastman proudly announces the expansion of its Saflex™ FlySafe™ 3D portfolio, offering a diverse array of options for safeguarding our feathered friends without compromising on aesthetics.

A Step Towards a Bird-Friendly Future

In collaboration with Collision Laboratories in Hohenau-Ringelsdorf, Austria, Eastman has conducted rigorous testing of the full FlySafe 3D portfolio using advanced flight tunnels. The results have been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing its exceptional effectiveness* in mitigating bird collisions.

The Art of Protection, Redefined

Eastman now presents Saflex FlySafe 3D in a host of new configurations, empowering architects and designers to protect birds and comply with construction regulations while bringing their visionary concepts to life with ease. The expanded portfolio includes:

  1. Sequin Sizes: Choose between two sequin diameters, 6 mm (0.24 in.) and 9 mm (0.35 in.), allowing for tailored protection solutions.
  2. Alluring Colors: Delight in the choice of two captivating colors – silver matte and shiny – effortlessly blending with the aesthetics of any project.
  3. Optimal Noise Protection: Opt for the 9-mm shiny sequin for both interior and exterior sides, ideal for noise protection walls.

A Symphony of Safety and Aesthetics

“The Saflex FlySafe 3D portfolio will show designers, architects, and facade engineers that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds – a bird-friendly building that’s also beautifully aesthetic,” expressed Oliver Osborne, the esteemed commercial director of AMI architecture with Eastman.

Proven Effectiveness:

With Saflex FlySafe 3D 9-mm sequins boasting a remarkable 9%* effectiveness rate and covering less than 1% of the glass area, and the 6-mm sequins exhibiting an impressive 13%* effectiveness with less than 0.5% glass area covered, the impact of these interlayers on bird collisions is truly transformative.

A Versatile Solution

Embrace the versatility of FlySafe 3D PVB interlayers, as they harmonize seamlessly with selective coatings and other Saflex products, offering enhanced security, stability, acoustic control, solar protection, and safeguarding from harmful UV rays. These interlayers also excel as the inboard or outboard laminate of an insulated glass unit.

Acclaim and Global Adoption

Since its groundbreaking release in 2022, the original Saflex FlySafe 3D 9-mm shiny sequin has earned prestigious accolades such as the Best of Products award for building materials in the glass category from The Architect’s Newspaper, and the jury winner of the 2022 Architizer’s A+Awards in the Positive Impact category. Notably, it has already become the go-to choice in building projects worldwide.

Unlock the Potential of Saflex FlySafe 3D Interlayers

To explore the multitude of benefits and options offered by Saflex FlySafe 3D interlayers, visit saflex.com/flysafe today.

*Please note that the percentage of approaches can vary depending on sequin size and laminate position. The sequins are separated on all sides by no more than 90 mm. For detailed information, kindly refer to the specific product details.

Source: Eastman with additional information added by Apazone

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