Unveiling the Brilliance: NorthGlass Dazzles at BAU CHINA 2023 Event

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Unveiling the Spectacle: NorthGlass Shines Bright at BAU CHINA 2023 Event

The highly anticipated door and window curtain wall industry exposition, BAU CHINA 2023, illuminated the stage from August 3rd to 6th at the esteemed National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Themed as “Resilient Growth,” this expo embraced the evolving dynamics of industry enterprises and brands, underscoring the industry’s newfound trajectory. Encompassing a staggering 160,000 ㎡, the event brought together nearly 700 top brands from almost 30 countries and regions, casting a vibrant spotlight on the colorful 2023 doors and windows curtain wall season. Notably, NorthGlass glass deep processing division, NorthGlass Sinest, was a pivotal presence across four exhibition areas, unveiling a stunning lineup of 27 products that spanned luxury decoration glass, construction glass, exterior wall materials, and more.

Illuminating the Event: NorthGlass at BAU CHINA 2023

A name that reverberated through the expo corridors was none other than NorthGlass. Amid the gleaming presence of BAU CHINA 2023, NorthGlass stood out prominently, drawing visitors to its booth. With a captivating display, NorthGlass showcased an impressive array of offerings, from long-acting insulating Low-E tempered glass to stained Sefar net laminated tempered glass. Notably, the booth also unveiled the intriguing no-column corner tempered glass (90°, 130°, U) and the artful digital printing imitation rice paper tempered glass. This comprehensive showcase demonstrated NorthGlass’s commitment to innovation and its dynamic role in the industry’s evolution.

Collaborative Brilliance and Unparalleled Insights

Notably, NorthGlass took the stage at various key events held during BAU CHINA 2023. The BCC Building Conference, a platform for exploring people-oriented architectural design, offered profound insights into the future of living and architecture. Mr. Li Chunchao, NorthGlass’s Marketing Director, graced this event, shedding light on the captivating intersection of quality-based material charm and people-centric architectural design.

Pioneering Design and Visionary Materials

Through a strategic collaboration with curator Gao Changjun, NorthGlass showcased five extraordinary installation works at CADE. One star of the show was the ultra-high digital printing mirror multi-curved tempered glass. Designed in tandem with master Shui Yanfei, this masterpiece captivated visitors and achieved a notable online presence during the exhibition.

Towards a Futuristic Facade: The “Build Curtain” Vision

An awe-inspiring concept came to life at the “Build Curtain” salon area, conceptualized by curator Luo Yi. The circular steel structure space embodied elegance, while the circular forum at its heart fostered discussions. Complemented by NorthGlass large enamel bent tempered mirror glass, the design showcased the harmonious marriage of lighting and organic integration of technology, celebrating the beauty of curtain wall construction and structure.

Revealing Style and Sophistication: NorthGlass Mansion Glass

In a grand signing ceremony held in the Jinxuan Glory Hall, the glass deep processing division of NorthGlass unveiled the NorthGlass mansion glass collection. High-ranking representatives including Gao Li, Vice Chairman and President of NorthGlass, Gao Qi, Vice President of NorthGlass, and General Manager of the Glass Deep Processing Division, expressed their commitment to delivering exceptional high-quality glass products to the market.

An Unforgettable Showcase

The captivating exhibit left an indelible impression on visitors, with NorthGlass emerging as the star of the show. The remarkable product variety, extensive application exhibits, and the dedicated service team garnered widespread attention and appreciation. The interaction with leaders, guests, and audiences created an unparalleled ambiance, affirming NorthGlass’s prowess in product technology and innovative spirit.

A Cascade of Honors and Recognitions

The BAU CHINA event culminated with the issuance of the coveted “Golden Xuan Award” list. NorthGlass secured an impressive seven awards, further underscoring its leadership in technology innovation, design concepts, material applications, and industry influence.

A Glorious Industry Vision

Over the course of this four-day exhibition, NorthGlass not only showcased its products and culture but also demonstrated its resilience in the post-epidemic era. A beacon of innovation and determination, NorthGlass solidified its position as a benchmark enterprise in the building glass industry, setting a precedent for growth and future triumphs. This showcase was not just a display; it was an embodiment of industry strength, resilience, and beauty. As NorthGlass continues to innovate and stride ahead, it remains committed to a future bright with possibilities.

Source: NorthGlass with additional information added by Apazone

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