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Unveiling ‘Habitat 7’ with Saint-Gobain ORAÉ® Glass: A Visionary Architectural Marvel

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Discover Sustainable Excellence: Habitat 7 and Saint-Gobain ORAÉ® Glass

In the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, a groundbreaking project is reshaping the skyline. Meet “Habitat 7,” an architectural marvel spanning 8,000 square meters, brought to life by NCC, the renowned general contractor. In this sustainable oasis, innovative design meets environmental consciousness, transforming conventional building practices.

A Visionary Collaboration

Behind the scenes of this visionary project are architects Anders Pettersson from Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder AB and Erik Stening from Fasadglas Bäcklin AB. Their expertise, combined with the revolutionary Saint-Gobain ORAÉ® low-carbon glass, sets a new industry standard in eco-conscious architecture.

Redefining Sustainability with ORAÉ® Glass

Inspired by traditional harbour storehouses, Habitat 7 boasts a structure crafted from massive wood and a distinctive timber façade system. The crowning jewel of this eco-friendly design? ORAÉ®, the world’s first low-carbon glass by Saint-Gobain. With an impressive carbon reduction of 42% compared to the European baseline, ORAÉ® stands as a testament to sustainable innovation.

Achieving Certifications in Sustainability

Currently under construction, Habitat 7 is poised to earn prestigious certifications, including BREEAM Excellent, NollCO2, and Citylab. These accolades recognize the project’s commitment to sustainable urban development, particularly in the Masthuggskajen area.

COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ®: A Natural Light Revolution

Central to Habitat 7’s success are the advanced COOL-LITE® XTREME ORAÉ® 61/29 and 50/22 II solar control glass products. These glasses, assembled in triple glazing units, ensure an abundance of natural light while offering vital protection against overheating and reducing cooling loads.

The ORAÉ® Advantage

Produced through eco-friendly manufacturing cycles employing renewable electricity and a remarkable 64% recycled content, ORAÉ® sets a new benchmark for sustainable glazing. Its incorporation with Saint-Gobain’s cutting-edge coatings not only minimizes operational carbon emissions but also reduces embodied carbon in building façades.

Habitat 7: A Testament to Sustainable Architecture

As Habitat 7 joins the esteemed list of ORAÉ®-enabled projects, including Polyclinique de Caen, Carré Invalides in Paris, and Kalifornia in Malakoff, it stands as a testament to the power of sustainable architecture. Habitat 7 represents a fusion of design, innovation, and environmental responsibility – a true beacon of green excellence in Gothenburg.

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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