Unveiling Excellence: Grand Inauguration of Glasstech and Fenestration Asia

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A Glorious Prelude: Inauguration of Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023

Today marks the inaugural day of Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023, ushering in a thrilling era for the glass and fenestration industry. The grand opening sets the stage for a spectacular event, creating a buzz of excitement and anticipation throughout the industry.

Eminent Leadership with Mr. Michael Wilton

Leading the commencement is the distinguished Mr. Michael Wilton, CEO & Managing Director at MMI Asia Pte Ltd. His exceptional leadership and vast expertise set a promising tone for what is poised to be an extraordinary event, bringing together key influencers in the industry.

Enlightening Perspectives from Dr. Vichai Viratkapan

Dr. Vichai Viratkapan, REIC Executive Director & Secretary, Bank Inspector, and Acting Director-General at the Real Estate Information Center, takes center stage to share his invaluable vision for the industry. His insights promise a profound understanding of the sector’s future trajectory.

Gratitude to Esteemed Partners

Special acknowledgments are extended to esteemed partners whose collaboration and support have been pivotal:

  • Mr. Wirat Leewairoj, President of the Thai Plate Glass Industry Association, for his cooperative spirit and unwavering support.
  • Mr. Pay Yap Gan, Chairman of the Singapore Glass Association, for his incredible partnership support.
  • Mr. Phaithaya Banchakitikun, Vice President of The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage, for his dedicated efforts in advancing the industry.

A heartfelt appreciation goes to Dr. Duangdej Yuaikwarmdee, Director of the Exhibitions Department of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, for delivering an insightful speech on the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) industry.

The organizers express gratitude to all attendees who have gathered to support Glasstech and Fenestration Asia. The journey unfolds today, promising collaborative exchange, innovation, and networking opportunities within the dynamic realms of glass and fenestration. Let the excitement of Glasstech and Fenestration Asia 2023 begin!

Source: glasstechasia.com.sg with additional information added by Apazone

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