Unveiling Electa: Redefining Space Efficiency with Our CMS Horizontal Machining Center

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Unveiling the CMS Electa: A Cutting-Edge 3- or 4-Axis CNC Machining Marvel

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the CMS Electa, the latest innovation in CNC machining centers designed for processing a variety of flat glass, from thick to thin, laminated to bulletproof.

Efficiency Redefined: Compact Design, Expansive Work Area

The CMS Electa boasts a small footprint while offering the largest work area in its category. This versatile machine is equipped to handle a myriad of machining processes, including rough and polished edge grinding, edge polishing, drilling, milling, cup wheel polishing, diamond disk cutting, diamond and smooth disk engraving, and 5° polished chamfering with a cup wheel.

Revolutionary Metal Synthetic Technology (MST) Worktable

At the heart of the CMS Electa is the exclusive Metal Synthetic Technology (MST) worktable. This innovative feature, characterized by high inertia and substantial thickness, effectively dampens vibrations, enhancing the overall quality of machined glass.

Key Buyer Benefits: Elevating Your Fabrication Experience

  • Expanded Work Area: Enjoy a remarkable 17% increase in space for fabrication.
  • Space-Saving Design: Experience a smaller footprint, saving up to 43% of space in your workspace.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Achieve even higher productivity with an impressive axis speed of up to 72m/min.
  • Stability and Precision: Minimal vibrations during fabrication, courtesy of the groundbreaking Metal Synthetic Technology (MST) worktable.

Explore the future of glass processing with the CMS Electa, where innovation meets efficiency, delivering exceptional results for your fabrication needs.

Source: CMS SpA with additional information added by Apazone

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