Unlocking Tomorrow’s Construction Marvels: Big 5 Global 2023 Kickstarts in Dubai

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Big 5 Global 2023 Opens in Dubai: Pioneering Sustainability and Decarbonization

The grand opening of the 44th edition of Big 5 Global, the largest and most influential construction event in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, marked a pivotal moment in Dubai. This four-day extravaganza at the Dubai World Trade Centre is not merely an exhibition; it’s a testament to the global commitment to a sustainable and decarbonized future.

Strengthened Global Support

With over 2,200 exhibitors from 60+ countries, Big 5 Global 2023 is set to transform the construction landscape of the MEASA region. The event aligns seamlessly with discussions at COP28, underlining its dedication to global sustainability goals. Josine Heijmans, Vice President of Construction at dmg events, expressed the event’s commitment to echo the world’s drive towards sustainability.

Showcasing Sustainable Innovations

The construction industry’s significant carbon footprint necessitates innovative solutions for energy efficiency and decarbonization. Big 5 Global 2023 introduces a myriad of groundbreaking solutions from companies committed to shaping a sustainable future.

Milwaukee Tool, a US-based company, stands out by unveiling zero-emission technology for equipment, aligning with its goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by 2030. LINQ Modular, a subsidiary of ALEC, showcases an electrically powered prefabricated modular hotel room, highlighting the advantages of controlled factory settings in reducing energy consumption.

Big 5 Impact Trail

As part of its commitment to promoting eco-friendly construction, Big 5 Global introduces the Impact Trail—a green path guiding visitors to explore products contributing to a sustainable future. Companies like Emirates Steel Arkan and Green Building Solutions (GBS) exemplify this commitment by presenting construction materials and products produced efficiently and sustainably.

Thought Leadership Discussions

Over the four days, Big 5 Global hosts thought leadership discussions at the Big 5 Global Leaders’ Summit, Big 5 FutureTech Summit, Everything Architecture, and Big 5 Talks. These discussions actively contribute to initiatives aimed at decarbonizing the industry, resonating with the UAE’s ‘Year of Sustainability.’

Key Sessions to Watch

  • His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi outlines key strategies for a sustainable construction future.
  • Cristina Gamboa, CEO of the World Green Building Council, shares insights on the built environment’s crucial role in Agenda 2030.
  • Lutz Wilgen, Acting Head Design Management at Masdar City, discusses the architect’s role in building a net-zero world.
  • Katarina Uherova Hasbani, Partner and Global Director of Strategy and Advisory at AESG, explores planning for sustainability and decarbonization.
  • Dr. Michael L. Tholen, Senior Managing Director, Technical Operations at ACI: Middle East & North Africa, unveils the new Center of Excellence for Carbon Neutral Concrete.

Josine Heijmans concludes, “As Big 5 Global continues to build connections and support businesses’ growth, we anticipate a remarkable four days of activities and product launches driving sustainability and decarbonization.”

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative event. Big 5 Global 2023 is free to attend for industry professionals. Register now at www.big5global.com.

Source: www.big5global.com with additional information added by Apazone

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