Unlocking the Secrets of Glass: Glass Technology Services Announces Open Bookings for Two Insightful Training Courses

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Elevate Your Understanding: Glass Technology Services Invites Enthusiasts to Book Seats for Two Cutting-Edge Training Courses

Glass Technology Services opens its doors for bookings to two upcoming training courses, catering to both beginners and intermediate learners eager to delve into the intricacies of glass. The first course, “Glass appreciation (beginner),” scheduled for March 7 (also available on September 12) in Sheffield, UK, offers a comprehensive one-day session designed to boost confidence and enhance understanding for those new to the glass industry. The second course, “Glass failure analysis (intermediate),” spanning from April 22 to 23 (also running on October 10 to 11), is a two-day technical exploration tailored for glass technologists, quality assurance professionals, and those seeking in-depth knowledge on the causes and analysis of glass breakages.

Glass Appreciation (Beginner): The Glass appreciation course is meticulously crafted to empower individuals new to the industry, irrespective of their role in design, production, sourcing, sales, or glass reuse. Taking place on March 7 (with a repeat on September 12) in Sheffield, UK, this one-day course combines theoretical insights with practical sessions. Participants will gain insights into the manufacturing process, the material’s properties, and its environmental impact. With a focus on accessibility, the course covers product defects and failure, providing a holistic introduction for anyone dealing with glass products or related issues. Notably, participants get hands-on experience by creating their own glass product using molten glass.

Glass Failure Analysis (Intermediate): The Glass failure analysis course, spanning two days from April 22 to 23 (also available on October 10 to 11) in Sheffield, UK, targets professionals in technical roles looking to deepen their understanding of glass breakages. Aimed at glass technologists, quality assurance experts, and product complaints professionals, this intermediate-level course integrates technical presentations, practical exercises, case studies, and breakage investigations. Participants will gain insights into glass strength, weaknesses, failure patterns, and analytical approaches to failure investigation, guided by industry experts.

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