Unlocking Success: NorthGlass Empowers Glass Deep Processing BU with a Cutting-Edge Marketing Training Meeting!

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Unleashing Synergy and Market Prowess: NorthGlass Empowers Glass Deep Processing BU with Dynamic Marketing Training!

In an earnest endeavor to harness the full potential of NorthGlass and amplify its brand impact, the Glass BU recently initiated a collaborative management approach to boost efficiency and enhance market response capabilities. With a more unified management system in place, the company aims to foster seamless team collaboration, promote information sharing, drive collaborative innovation, and ultimately fortify its overall market competitiveness.

Gathering Strength for a Flourishing Future

NorthGlass Glass Deep Processing BU recently orchestrated a highly impactful marketing training meeting, aptly themed “Gathering Strength and Embarking on a New Journey,” held at Baodi, Tianjin on July 8-9, 2023. As the inaugural training meeting of the Glass BU, this momentous event aimed to equip the marketing and sales staff with valuable insights and sharing opportunities. Distinguished representatives from NorthGlass joint-stock, NorthGlass Triturbo Fan, and NorthGlass Light-Stone were also in attendance, adding vibrancy to the occasion.

Unified Vision, Boundless Success

Presided over by the esteemed Mr. Li Chunchao, Deputy General Manager of Glass BU, the meeting commenced with a warm welcome to all participants at the Tianjin base. Drawing from the visionary directives of Mr. Gao Xueming, Chairman of NorthGlass, and Mr. Gao Li, President of NorthGlass, the strategic work deployment was eloquently presented, emphasizing the company’s resolute market and product positioning. A rallying call was sounded, urging the team to leverage the strengths of the three locations, elevate product quality, and deliver exceptional value to customers.

Empowerment for Success

As the training session unfolded, Mr. Gao Qi, General Manager of Glass BU, exuded confidence in NorthGlass’ future, setting high aspirations for the team. Mr. Yang Yuanxi and Mrs. Chen Chunlan, Deputy General Managers of Glass BU, subsequently shared vital management documents, addressing various aspects of Glass BU’s operations. Engaging training sessions ensued, encompassing product knowledge and technology, sales strategy, quality innovation, coating technology, and NorthGlass VIS standards.

Shared Insights, Inspiring Visions

During the interactive afternoon sharing session, skillfully led by Mr. Li Junfeng, Deputy General Manager of Glass BU, sales elites from each base enthralled the audience with captivating five-minute presentations. The enthusiastic discussions revolved around successful case studies, sales experiences, and the cherished corporate culture of NorthGlass. The exchange of inspiring success stories left everyone enriched and motivated to strive for even greater heights.

Refining Excellence: The Art of Etiquette

Recognizing the significance of professional conduct, etiquette expert, Wei Wei, imparted invaluable etiquette training, encompassing attire, posture, reception protocols, seating arrangements, and effective communication skills. The interactive training left a lasting impression, equipping the team with the finesse required to excel in various professional settings.

Sealing Success for the Future

As the training meeting reached its conclusion, Mr. Yang Yuanxi and Mrs. Chen Chunlan delivered stirring speeches, emphasizing the importance of customer and competitor comprehension, efficiency improvement, and market expansion. Mr. Gao Qi’s concluding address heralded a new chapter in the market, encouraging all participants to brainstorm ideas, improve services, and uphold unparalleled quality. The collective resolve to achieve greatness in their respective roles served as the driving force towards a triumphant future.

Empowering the Future: Forging Ahead with Unity

This impactful meeting not only fostered open communication and experience sharing among the sales team of NorthGlass Glass Deep Processing BU, but also enriched their perspectives and honed their expertise. The unity and spirit of collaboration instilled during the event served to strengthen the team’s bonds and invigorate them for future endeavors. Guided by the enduring motto of “Innovation is endless, hard work wins,” the Glass Deep Processing BU is all set to carve out a brilliant future filled with unparalleled achievements. Together, they shall embrace a journey of growth, unlocking the limitless potential that lies ahead.

Source: NorthGlass with additional information added by Apazone

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