Unlocking Precision: Explore the Science of Gas Concentration Measurement with Sparklike’s Comparative Analysis

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Gas Chromatograph vs. TDLAS: Revolutionizing Gas Concentration Measurement

Gas concentration measurement has undergone a transformative shift, moving beyond traditional methods like gas chromatography. Insulating glass manufacturers now seek more effective ways to ensure the optimal performance of gas presses, especially since potential flaws in these presses are not visible to the naked eye. Sparklike addresses this challenge with its groundbreaking Sparklike Laser™ devices, the industry’s only non-destructive solution for insulating gas fill analysis in double and triple glazed IGUs. Notably, this technology allows measurements even through coatings and laminated glasses, providing unparalleled insights.

The Need for Advanced Gas Press Verification

In the realm of insulating glass manufacturing, the reliability of gas presses is paramount. Conventional methods fall short in detecting imperfections that might compromise performance. Unlike other scanners, Sparklike Laser™ devices offer a non-invasive approach to gas concentration measurement, ensuring a thorough analysis of IGUs. For detailed insights, download our comprehensive comparison sheet of gas concentration measurement methods.

Unveiling Independent Testing Results: Sparklike Laser™ Device

In a groundbreaking initiative in 2018, Sparklike collaborated with ift Rosenheim, a renowned test laboratory, to conduct rigorous testing. The objective was to determine argon gas concentration in insulating glass units using a diverse range of test specimens, including clear glass, triple glazed units, and laminated glass with various coatings. The Sparklike Laser Standard™ analyzer was employed for measurements, validated against the gas chromatograph as a reference device.

Harnessing TDLAS Technology for IGU Gas Analysis

At the core of Sparklike Laser™ devices lies the cutting-edge technology known as Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS). This sophisticated method ensures precise and reliable gas concentration measurements, setting a new standard in insulating glass analysis. The current Sparklike Laser devices build upon the success of Sparklike Laser Standard™, utilizing the same advanced TDLAS technology.

For a deeper understanding of the comparison between gas concentration measurement methods, download our comprehensive comparison sheet. Stay ahead in insulating glass technology with Sparklike – your trusted partner in precision and innovation.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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