Unlocking Precision and Efficiency: Discover AMETEK Surface Vision’s Cutting-Edge Surface Inspection Solutions

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Revolutionizing Glass Fibre Production with AMETEK Surface Vision’s Advanced Inspection Systems

AMETEK Surface Vision, the unrivaled partner in automated surface inspection, presents its groundbreaking surface inspection systems tailored specifically for glass fibre production.

Elevating Quality Standards in Glass Fibre Applications

Glass fibre, a resilient synthetic material composed of ultra-fine glass fibres, holds paramount significance across diverse industries. Renowned for its strength and adaptability, glass fibre finds applications in crucial sectors such as infrastructure, construction, piping, oil and gas, chemicals, and transportation.

The growing prominence of glass fibre and its utilization in various forms necessitates accurate and automated inspection processes. With a surge in the demand for premium construction materials, wet-laid non-woven materials have witnessed substantial growth. Ensuring impeccable fibre formation becomes paramount for manufacturers catering to these dynamic markets.

SmartView and SmartAdvisor: The Ultimate Inspection Solution

AMETEK Surface Vision addresses this need with its cutting-edge SmartView web inspection and SmartAdvisor web monitoring systems, complemented by the ingenious SmartSync platform. This holistic integration of inspection technologies ensures the delivery of high-quality outcomes throughout the production process.

Harnessing the power of advanced SmartView classification alongside the versatility of multi-position camera technology in SmartAdvisor, manufacturers benefit from swift defect detection and root cause analysis. An integrated fault map provides a comprehensive overview of process quality, while synchronized classified defects and corresponding video files enable precise troubleshooting. Moreover, an integrated database generates comprehensive reports encompassing all visual anomalies.

Unmatched Confidence in Glass Fibre Quality

Volker Koelmel, Global Manager of Plastic, Nonwovens & Paper at AMETEK Surface Vision, emphasizes the criticality of defect-free glass fibres in an expanding array of applications. The proven effectiveness of SmartView and SmartAdvisor systems instills manufacturers of glass fibre non-woven materials with unwavering confidence in defect identification during production, ultimately resulting in superior product quality and a substantial reduction in customer claims.

Experience the transformative power of AMETEK Surface Vision’s innovative inspection systems and revolutionize your glass fibre production for enhanced efficiency and unrivaled quality assurance.

Source: AMETEK Surface Vision with additional information added by Apazone

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