Unlocking Insights: Verallia Deciphers Current Trends in the Drinks Market

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Exploring Consumer Expectations: Verallia Deciphers Current Trends in the Wine and Spirits Market

Verallia’s annual trends report, which provides invaluable insights into the ever-evolving wine and spirits market. As Europe’s leading supplier in the glass packaging sector, Verallia collaborates with Carlin Creative to deliver a comprehensive study that combines market analysis with consumer trends. This year’s report focuses on four key drivers that address specific consumer expectations and offer long-term insights into the industry.

Key Driver #1: Back to the Roots

Respecting nature and prioritizing the local ecosystem have become paramount for consumers. Brands that work on minimizing their environmental impact, foster local ties and resources, and value the transmission of traditions are favored by discerning consumers seeking an authentic connection.

Key Driver #2: Instant Pleasures

Consumers now seek delightful experiences characterized by lightness, creativity, and aesthetics. They crave products that are ready to drink, offer a touch of sophistication, and promise moments of entertainment. These instant pleasures cater to evolving consumer preferences and desires.

Key Driver #3: Best of the Best

Consumers have elevated their expectations to demand the best. This encompasses a growing interest in alcohol-free alternatives, a focus on quality ingredients, and an appetite for exclusive ranges. The premium and ultra-premium sectors witness an increasing demand for products that embody excellence and exclusivity.

Key Driver #4: Disruptives

The market is compelled to adapt and diversify in response to the climate crisis and the rise of artificial intelligence. Brands must explore new options and innovate in disruptive ways, driven by the urgent need to address environmental challenges and leverage the potential of technological advancements.

Insights from Elena Andia, Selective Line Marketing Director at Verallia

Elena Andia highlights the impact of inflation on demand, revealing a surprising increase in the demand for premium and ultra-premium goods. Simultaneously, there is a growing appetite for light, pleasurable products that deliver pure enjoyment. Additionally, consumers express a heightened interest in lower alcohol content options and a continued concern for environmental preservation. The convergence of artificial intelligence and the climate crisis further drives brands to innovate and embrace disruptive approaches.

Download the Comprehensive Trends Report

To gain a deeper understanding of current trends in the drinks market, including ultra-premium offerings, creativity, local resources, and health-related aspects, we invite you to download the full report, titled “Ultra premium, creativity, local resources, health: current trends in the drinks market, explained by Verallia” by clicking the link provided.

Source:  Verallia with additional information added by Apazone

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