Unlocking Insights: Glazing Industry Economic Outlook Unveiled at the Glazing Summit

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Unlocking Economic Insights: Exclusive Keynote by Leading London Economist at the 2023 Glazing Summit

In a much-anticipated address, Edward Johnstone, the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Arbuthnot Latham private wealth bank, will grace the 2023 Glazing Summit with his expertise. Join us for a deep dive into the economic landscape as Edward unpacks the critical aspects affecting the glazing industry.

Navigating Economic Realities

During his keynote, Edward Johnstone will meticulously analyze and discuss the multifaceted economic factors that shape our industry’s future. These factors include the consequences of inflation and interest rates, the challenges posed by the cost-of-living crisis, and the dynamic ebb and flow of the housing and property market. Will we be facing a challenging period ahead, or is there potential for the market to regain its momentum?

Insights from the Expert

Andrew Scott, the visionary founder of the Glazing Summit, emphasizes the significance of the annual economists’ keynote. He states, “Every year, our economists’ view keynote is hugely popular and vital for delegates to get a view on how the industry could be affected by the UK economy in the future.”

A London Economist’s Perspective

“We are honored to have one of London’s leading economists join us and share their market insights at this year’s Glazing Summit,” adds Scott. Edward Johnstone will offer a unique banking perspective on the home improvement and property market. He will address the burning question: Are we in for a challenging two years, or is the market poised for a resilient comeback?

Understanding Market Dynamics

The window, door, and conservatory market remain intricately connected to a web of external factors, including inflation and the looming General Election. Edward Johnstone will explore the implications of these factors and shed light on how they are likely to impact our industry.

Join at the Glazing Summit

Mark your calendars for the Glazing Summit, scheduled to take place at Edgbaston Stadium and Conference Centre in Birmingham on Thursday, October 12. This event promises to bring together nearly 500 business leaders from across the fenestration supply chain for a day of insightful discussions on the glass and glazing industry’s most pressing challenges.

For tickets visit www.glazingsummit.co.uk, call 01934 808293 or email hello@glazingsummit.co.uk

Source: glazingsummit.co.uk with additional information added by Apazone

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