Unlocking Excellence: LIJIANG Glass’ Inspection and Film Sorting System

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Revolutionizing Glass Processing: LIJIANG Glass’ Fully Automated Inspection and Film Sorting System

In the intricate world of glass production, a pivotal phase unfolds after glass tempering and before insulating processing. It’s the stage where glass specifications are meticulously measured and classified, setting the foundation for seamless progress in the production line. Historically, this task was labor-intensive and prone to human error, but now, innovation steps in to transform the landscape.

From Manual to Automated: The Evolution of Glass Handling

Traditionally, in glass production, a glass loading machine was deployed to position glass pieces onto the workbench. Subsequently, manual labor came into play to place the glass precisely on the workbench. Once this was accomplished, the length of each glass sheet was measured and detected, and then a glass unloading machine was tasked with unloading the glass. Manual classification and storage followed, grouping the glass pieces according to their diverse specifications. This meticulous process was essential, especially for those manufacturing insulating glass, where the need to arrange and cache glass varieties to meet insulating glass requirements was paramount. Unfortunately, some deep processing manufacturers continued to rely on manual patching, resulting in high labor intensity and an increased margin of error in the patching process.

LIJIANG Glass’ Game-Changing Solution

Enter LIJIANG Glass with a fully automatic glass inspection and film sorting system, representing a leap forward in glass production efficiency and precision. This innovative system comprises distinct stages, each designed to optimize workflow and minimize human intervention.

  1. Automatic Loading Stage: The glass loading process is seamlessly automated, saving valuable time and reducing the physical strain associated with manual labor.
  2. Measuring and Turning Tables: These tables, both horizontal and vertical, come into play. They rotate the glass sheets, transitioning them from a flat position to a vertical orientation. Simultaneously, they measure the length and width of the glass sheets before directing them to the next phase: the chip sorter.
  3. Film Organizers: This component plays a crucial role in ensuring that the glass sheets are efficiently organized and matched according to their specifications, a critical requirement in insulating glass production.
  4. Automatic Unloading Stage: Finally, the glass that has undergone the necessary processing steps is transported to this stage, where the vertical and horizontal turning tables again come into play. They rotate the glass sheets from a vertical position back to a flat orientation, ready for unloading via the automatic unloading table.

Benefits Abound: Efficiency, Precision, and Reduced Labor

LIJIANG Glass’ fully automated system brings a plethora of benefits to the table. It streamlines operations, significantly improving work efficiency while substantially reducing the labor-intensive aspects of glass handling. The precision achieved in measuring glass length and width is both efficient and accurate, ensuring high matching accuracy during slicing operations. Additionally, the seamless glass transportation process minimizes the risk of scratches, safeguarding the quality of the final product.

In summary, LIJIANG Glass’ fully automated glass inspection and film sorting system heralds a new era in glass production—one marked by efficiency, precision, and a reduced reliance on manual labor. As the glass industry continues to evolve, LIJIANG Glass stands at the forefront, driving innovation that empowers manufacturers and ensures the highest quality glass products.

Source: LIJIANG Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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