Unlocking Efficiency: Glass for Europe Presents Workshop on Optimizing Logistics with Racks and Stillages

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Improving Efficiency: Glass for Europe’s Workshop on Streamlining Glass Rack Logistics

On June 7, 2023, Glass for Europe held an engaging workshop focused on addressing the logistical challenges surrounding glass racks and stillages within the European Union. With participants from various sectors of the flat glass value-chain, the workshop aimed to explore potential solutions and foster collaboration in managing the movement of these essential components.

National Cases: UDTVP and Glas Branche Organisatie GBO

During the workshop, two prominent associations, UDTVP and Glas Branche Organisatie GBO, shared their national cases and the initiatives they have undertaken to support their members in finding unified solutions for the efficient administration of stillages. Their goal is to establish harmonized regulations that can streamline the logistics of glass racks across the industry.

Innovative Solution: Gestellpool Europe

Gestellpool Europe, a renowned German company, showcased its innovative service designed to assist customers in the glass and window industry. Their solution enables the release of reusable transport racks for timely collection, facilitating a well-planned and efficient return process to the original owners.

Glass for Europe’s Ongoing Initiatives

The workshop also provided a platform for Glass for Europe to highlight their current activities focused on flat glass stillages. By sharing their insights and efforts, Glass for Europe aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of logistical operations in the industry.

Source: UDTVP with additional information added by Apazone

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