Unlocking Business Success: Explore the Digital Revolution at digitalBAU 2024

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Prepare for a transformative experience as digitalBAU 2024, the renowned trade fair for digital solutions in the construction industry, returns to Cologne from February 20-22, 2024.

As the construction industry continues its journey of digital transformation, digitalBAU 2024 emerges as the epicenter for showcasing cutting-edge solutions and products. Scheduled from February 20-22, 2024, in Cologne, this trade fair plays a pivotal role in addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in the digital evolution of the construction value and process chain.

Leading industry players are set to present their innovative solutions at digitalBAU, contributing to the ongoing narrative of digital transformation in construction. The event promises an immersive experience, featuring a first-class supporting program with five forums hosting engaging presentations and panels on various aspects of digitalizing the construction industry.

Wolfgang Hardt, CEO and partner at Burckhardt Architektur AG, will share insights on transformation, encapsulating the essence with Heraclitus’ quote: “The only constant in the universe is change.” The convergence of digitalization and sustainability will be explored by Franziska Friebel, Head of BIM at David Chipperfield Architects, and Hanns-Jochen Weyland, Associate Partner at Störmer Murphy and Partners. They will delve into the potential and challenges associated with aligning these two critical disciplines.

Closing the circle, Prof. Dr. Anja Rosen, Professor of Circular Construction and Managing Director at FH Münster, C5 GmbH, will shed light on the role of building resource passports as proof of circular construction. These presentations aim to provide valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the construction industry.

Adding to the excitement, digitalBAU 2024 will host the award ceremony for the “Built on IT—Construction Professions with a Future” 2024 competition. This segment promises to unveil innovative approaches and solutions that are shaping the future of construction professions.

Explore these captivating presentations and numerous other highlights at digitalBAU 2024, where the digital revolution meets the construction industry’s future!

Source: digital-bau.com with additional information added by Apazone

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