Unlocking Advantages: IfT Rosenheim and 4ward Testing Join Forces

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How ift Rosenheim and 4ward Testing are simplifying UKCA and CE marking for sealant manufacturers in Great Britain

As a sealant manufacturer from the EU, it’s essential to have access to the Great British market. But to do so, products must bear the UKCA mark, which requires test certificates from bodies recognized in the UK. That’s where “Approved Bodies” come in.

Recognizing the need for easy market access, ift Rosenheim has expanded its international network by partnering with the renowned British testing institute, 4ward Testing, as an Approved Body. Together, they offer sealant manufacturers in the building industry a chance to obtain evidence for both the UKCA and CE marks, using the EN 15651 series of standards.

By collaborating, the two testing laboratories can conduct tests and verifications for sealant products, including fire behavior testing, which is crucial for compliance with the EN 13501-1 standard. The sealant products only have to be tested once, and the manufacturer has a single contact person who regulates the entire procedure.

Through the cooperation of ift Rosenheim and 4ward Testing, manufacturers can obtain the respective conformity marks without hassle. The testing laboratory prepares the corresponding test reports, and assessments are issued by the partner approved in the respective market. 4ward Testing serves as the Approved Body 2538 for UKCA in the Great British market, and ift Rosenheim as Notified Body 0757 for CE in the EU market.

Don’t let compliance with UKCA and CE marking stop you from entering the Great British market. With the help of ift Rosenheim and 4ward Testing, sealant manufacturers can easily navigate the process and access new business opportunities.

Source: www.ift-rosenheim.de with additional information added by Apazone

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