Unlock Limitless Possibilities with CMS & Edil Vetro: A Harmonious Fusion of Passion, Expertise, and Unparalleled Quality

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Revolutionizing Glass Production with CMS Machine

The acquisition of the cutting-edge CMS machine has propelled Edil Vetro, founded by glass industry expert Tommaso Sabatino in 1993, to new heights. Located in Montesarchio (BN), Edil Vetro started as a specialized glass factory, primarily focusing on insulating glass units for windows. Over the years, the company expanded its production range to include doors, balustrades, cantilever roofs, and exquisite glass design pieces.

Unveiling the Powerhouse behind Edil Vetro’s Success

During an exclusive visit to Edil Vetro, the CMS team had the pleasure of meeting Michele Sabatino, the son of Tommaso Sabatino and an integral part of the company’s operations. Michele, together with his brother Piero, oversees the production side of the business, ensuring top-notch machine maintenance and production assistance. Meanwhile, Tommaso Sabatino, accompanied by his wife Antonella, spearheads the company’s management, keeping a firm grip on their shared vision.

Setting New Industry Standards with CMS and Edil Vetro Collaboration

Edil Vetro has carved a niche for itself as a steadily growing glass factory, leveraging its extensive experience to surpass customer expectations consistently. Striving for innovation and breakthrough choices, Edil Vetro made a bold decision to invest in a cutting-edge CMS ypsos vertical machining center, signaling their entry into the world of design.

This strategic acquisition empowers Edil Vetro to produce oversized formats, referred to as “Jumbo” sheets, which demand intricate processes beyond the capabilities of manual production or require customization according to unique architectural specifications.

Michele Sabatino affirms the importance of manufacturing oversized products in today’s market: “Few companies, not just in Italy but worldwide, possess the capabilities to produce such products. We are ahead of the curve, having embarked on this journey early on to ensure our expertise in handling these complex processes.”

Embracing a Bright Future through Innovation and Dedication

Driven by the passion and expertise of the Sabatino family, Edil Vetro continues its remarkable growth trajectory in the glass sector. The company’s unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products, coupled with their forward-thinking approach, sets them apart in the industry.

Partnering with CMS signifies a shared commitment to cutting-edge technology and a mutual passion for delivering excellence to customers. By fostering a “smart” collaboration, Edil Vetro and CMS work tirelessly to provide clients with the best solutions, positioning themselves for continued success in this dynamic sector.

Source: CMS SpA with additional information added by Apazone

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