Unleashing Precision and Power: Franke’s Linear Guides Fuel LiSEC’s High-Performance Machines!

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LiSEC Empowers Flat Glass Processing with Franke’s Superior Linear Guides

Experience the pinnacle of flat glass processing with LiSEC, the global market leader renowned for its comprehensive solutions. Hailing from Lower Austria, LiSEC excels in insulating glass production, serving the growing photovoltaic market with complete system solutions. To achieve unmatched precision and power, LiSEC machines rely on Franke’s high-performance linear guides, ensuring seamless operations even in challenging conditions.

Franke Linear Guides: A Testament to Reliability and Durability

Franke’s linear guides play a pivotal role in various LiSEC machines, guiding edge processing, edge finishing, grinding, milling tools, and precisely positioning processed glass panes. With Franke’s corrosion-resistant aluminum linear guides featuring stainless steel raceways, LiSEC machines can endure abrasive mixtures of cleaning water and glass dust without compromising performance. The sealed rollers, instead of ball chains, and the corrosion-resistant design grant Franke linear guides longevity in demanding environments.

LiSEC’s All-Round Solutions for Flat Glass Processing

LiSEC boasts highly automated units complemented by custom software, enabling efficient production at every stage of flat glass processing. From scratch and break glass, washing, grinding, edge processing to gas filling, sealing, and shipping preparation, LiSEC covers the entire manufacturing process with utmost precision and automation. The in-house software developers at LiSEC ensure seamless control and management of complex production lines, all centered around maximizing productivity.

LiSEC’s Commitment to Uninterrupted Productivity

To fulfill its promise of productivity to customers, LiSEC places great importance on the quality of supplier products. The reliability and stability of Franke linear guides have proven indispensable to prevent costly downtimes and ensure uninterrupted production. With the assurance of continuous top-notch quality, LiSEC can focus on delivering exceptional results to its customers.

Franke: The Trusted Partner for Innovation

When LiSEC collaborates with Franke for new developments or enhancements, the partnership reaps rapid responses and expert guidance. Franke’s exceptional linear guide design, resistant to harsh conditions, ensures low maintenance requirements and enhances overall performance. By choosing Franke as a trusted partner, LiSEC fortifies its position as a global leader in flat glass processing.

Unleash Precision and Reliability with Franke Linear Guides

Franke’s linear guides shine as the go-to choice for LiSEC’s highly skilled machines. With robust construction, corrosion resistance, and maintenance-free operation, Franke’s linear guides endure the toughest challenges, fueling the success of LiSEC’s flat glass processing solutions.

Source: Franke GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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