Unleashing Creativity and Innovation: GlassPrint 2023 Unites the Glass Decoration Sector

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GlassPrint 2023: Inspiring Innovations and Networking in the Glass Decoration Sector

After an enforced break, the international glass decoration community finally came back together in April to be presented with the latest trends and developments for decorating all types of glass. Staged for the ninth time and powered by glasstec, an international audience traveled to Düsseldorf, Germany from 21 different countries, not only from throughout mainland Europe and the United Kingdom but also from long-distance destinations in Africa, Asia, and Central, North, and South America.

Bringing the Industry Together

GlassPrint 2023 provided the perfect platform for key stakeholders covering the flat, hollow, and specialty glass sectors. The event brought together glassmakers, decorators, end-users, brand owners, OEMs, and suppliers such as AB-Inbev, AGI Greenpac, AGP Group, Ardagh, BA Glass, Glass&Glass, Leerdam Crisal Glass, O-I, Rastal, Sahm, Saint-Gobain, Saverglass, Schollglas, Sisecam, Steklarna Hrastnik, Verallia, Vetropack, and many more. This impressive lineup fostered collaboration and shared insights, leading to exciting advancements in the glass decoration industry.

Unleashing Innovations through an Expanded Program

GlassPrint 2023 provided delegates with the opportunity to discover the latest innovative advances in screen and digital printing technology alongside new decoration techniques via a two-day program of conference and networking sessions. The expanded technical program featured experts working for various companies in the glass decoration sector, delivering a series of presentations that demonstrated processes and ideas to add extra value to the end product, cut production costs, and make processes more efficient.

From “Screen Printing Precision and Quality” by Cugher/Saati to “Bird-friendly Glass: Decorative or Invisible Structuring of Architectural Glass to Prevent Bird Collisions” by KIWO, Kissel + Wolf, each presentation offered valuable insights and actionable strategies. Attendees explored topics such as digital screen printing for flat glass, UV LED curing for glass applications, direct-to-object printing, and inkjet printing of functional materials in glass manufacturing. These sessions provided a deeper understanding of the possibilities and challenges within the glass decoration industry.

Keynote Addresses that Captivated

Complementing the technical content, GlassPrint 2023 featured captivating keynote addresses by industry thought leaders. Michael Delle Selve, Senior Communications Manager at FEVE, outlined the future of glass packaging, highlighting its significance in sustainability and branding. Luca Oggianu, Public Affairs and Communication Manager at Glass for Europe, provided insights into high-performance glazing in EU sustainable buildings. These visionary speeches paved the way for a future-oriented glass decoration industry.

Networking Opportunities to Foster Collaboration

The conference program was supported by intervals dedicated to the accompanying tabletop exhibition area, creating ample opportunities for networking and building fruitful connections. Delegates had the chance to engage with their peers and suppliers during an evening dinner, fostering relationships that can lead to exciting collaborations and business opportunities. Exhibitors showcased the latest developments in inks, pre-press technology, printing equipment, and supplies, providing attendees with a glimpse into the cutting-edge solutions driving the industry forward.

Looking Ahead to the Future

After reaffirming its importance on the global glass events calendar, the organizers of GlassPrint 2023 are already planning the next edition. Details on the location and dates will appear in future issues of Glass Worldwide. Interested parties can register their interest at www.glassprint.org to stay informed and ensure they don’t miss out on this exciting industry event. In the meantime, members of ESMA will continue to showcase the best in functional and decorative glass printing in a dedicated pavilion at glasstec 2024.

Join the Conversation and Explore Further

The conversation surrounding glass decoration continues beyond GlassPrint 2023. ESMA’s dedicated pavilion at glasstec 2024 will be the ideal platform to explore the latest advancements and exchange insights with industry experts. Additionally, the Annual ESMA Glass Publication 2023, which provides a unique guide to glass decoration, is available for exploration in the March/April 2023 issue of Glass Worldwide. Gain valuable knowledge and stay up-to-date with the remarkable achievements and innovations shaping the future of glass decoration.

GlassPrint 2023 brought together professionals from across the globe, inspiring innovation, fostering collaboration, and setting the stage for the future of glass decoration. Don’t miss out on being part of this dynamic industry—register your interest and stay connected with the latest updates from GlassPrint at www.glassprint.org.

Source: esma.com with additional information added by Apazone

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