Tvitec’s Exceptional Glazing for L’Oreal Spain HQ Earns Prestigious Isolar Award

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Bold Heading: Tvitec | Cricursa’s Remarkable Glass Solutions Earn Isolar Award for L’Oreal Spain HQ Façade

The glass solutions provided by Tvitec | Cricursa have garnered prestigious recognition from Isolar Glas in Germany for their exceptional work on the façade of L’Oreal Spain’s new headquarters in Madrid. The project, known for its double and triple glazing installations, was honored as the most outstanding Representative Work of the year.

Captivating Introduction

L’Oreal Spain’s cutting-edge headquarters, situated at Alcalá 546 Street, stands adorned with over 5,000 square meters of eco-efficient glass. Tvitec’s craftsmanship shines through in the manufacturing of double glazing units featuring a specialized coating that maximizes natural light penetration while offering superior solar protection, effectively curbing excess heat inside the building.

Exemplary Collaboration and Recognition

The Isolar award for the Representative Project of the Year will be jointly celebrated with Martifer España, the façade company responsible for the impeccable installation, and the acclaimed architectural firm Fenwick Iribarren, which envisioned the architectural masterpiece. Both entities played pivotal roles in selecting the most suitable glass solutions, taking into account aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Comprehensive Glass Solutions

Beyond double glazing solutions encompassing the majority of the façade, Tvitec also supplied safety glass for specific areas within the complex. Notably, the 10mm thermally toughened laminated glass with Sentryglass has become a standout feature.

Celebrating Excellence

The Isolar Awards were recently announced at the organization’s annual convention held in Potsdam, Germany. Tvitec’s Commercial Director, Alberto Sutil, expresses great pride in this remarkable achievement, extending gratitude to Martifer España, Fenwick Iribarren, and esteemed partners BNP Paribas Real Estate and Therus Invest. Tvitec’s executive team eagerly anticipates presenting the distinguished glass icons to Martifer and Fenwick Iribarren as a testament to their outstanding collaboration.

Sustainable Success

L’Oreal’s Madrid headquarters has achieved the highest certifications for sustainability and well-being, including LEED Platinum and Well, further solidifying its status as an environmentally conscious and employee-friendly space.

Source:  Tvitec with additional information added by Apazone

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