Tvitec and Simeon: Forging Exceptional and Efficient Alliances

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Pioneering Partnerships: Tvitec System Glass, CRICURSA, and Gruppo Simeon

Sustainable Innovation: Explore the extraordinary collaboration between Tvitec System Glass, CRICURSA, and Gruppo Simeon in the creation of Arboretum, a breathtaking sustainable project in France. Witness the seamless integration of high-performance glass and wood in this architectural masterpiece.

Global Recognition

Curved Glass Expertise: Dive into the world of curved glass innovation with CRICURSA, now a prominent force in iconic projects worldwide. From the Domino Sugar Refinery in New York to the Torres Colón in Madrid and the new Palacio de la Música in Valencia, experience the mark of excellence.

Continued Excellence

Unwavering Collaboration: Tvitec System Glass, CRICURSA, and Gruppo Simeon join forces in a symphony of creativity. Witness their ongoing endeavors shaping the architectural landscape of Europe, blending vision, technology, and craftsmanship.

Capturing Collaboration

Snapshot of Brilliance: Get an exclusive glimpse into the heart of this collaboration. A recent meeting at Cricursa’s curved glass factory in Granollers, Barcelona, captures the essence of innovation, dedication, and teamwork.

Discover the future of architectural excellence with Tvitec System Glass, CRICURSA, and Gruppo Simeon, where every project tells a story of ingenuity and artistry.

Source: Tvitec System Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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