Turomas Stand at Vitrum 2023: Celebrating Another Year of Innovation and Success

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TUROMAS Shines Bright at Vitrum 2023

In the dynamic world of glass processing, TUROMAS stands as a prominent leader, offering cutting-edge solutions for glass storage, loading, and cutting. With resounding success, TUROMAS wrapped up the 2023 edition of Vitrum, leaving an indelible mark on the glass industry landscape.

Vitrum 2023: Where History and Innovation Converge

From September 5th to 8th, the Fiera Milano Rho exhibition center played host to Vitrum 2023, a pinnacle event in the realm of glass processing. This global trade fair drew participants and exhibitors from every corner of the globe, transcending commercial boundaries to celebrate the rich tapestry of glass, its history, evolution, and boundless innovation.

TUROMAS: A Strong Presence at Vitrum 2023

TUROMAS made an impressive appearance at Vitrum 2023, with a stellar lineup of key representatives. Antonio Ortega, General Manager; Álvaro Tomas, Vice-president; Álvaro Doñate, Sales Director for Spain and Portugal; Oriol Llorens, Sales Director for Europe; and Teresa Catalán, Marketing Manager, collectively showcased TUROMAS’ unwavering commitment to this event and their unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the glass machinery sector.

Stand N22 P25: A Hub of Innovation

TUROMAS’ exhibition space at Stand N22 P25 was more than just a booth; it was a global meeting point for industry professionals eager to explore the latest breakthroughs from this Spanish powerhouse. Here, TUROMAS demonstrated its dedication to innovation, quality, and unmatched expertise in glass machinery.

A Global Intersection of Opportunities

Situated strategically, TUROMAS’ stand attracted the attention of potential clients and fostered reunions with existing customers hailing from Spain, Portugal, and various European and South American nations. This interaction led to the rejuvenation of significant agreements spanning the Middle East, South America, Europe, and Africa.

A World of Potential Unveiled

Speaking about the event, Álvaro Tomás, Vice President of TUROMAS, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Vitrum has exceeded our expectations. Although the European economy presents some challenges in the coming months, we have found many exciting projects that are being reactivated or accelerated. We have identified potential projects in several countries, opening up exciting opportunities in markets such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, Ukraine, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, and France. This demonstrates that there is significant potential for our business in various parts of the world.”

TUROMAS at Vitrum 2023 was not just an exhibition; it was a testament to innovation, excellence, and global collaboration, marking the company’s unwavering dedication to the glass industry’s progress. Stay tuned for more updates from TUROMAS as they continue to shape the future of glass processing.

Source: Turomas with additional information added by Apazone

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