Revolutionizing Glass Decoating: Turomas Introduces Advanced ACR System

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TUROMAS new high-performance decoating system

TUROMAS has introduced its latest advanced decoating solution, the ACR, which removes various protective plastics and resins during glass-cutting to meet the growing demand for higher quality glass. The ACR system incorporates two patented developments, namely the two-phase decoating system and the Advanced Cooling System.

The ACR system’s two-stage decoating system prevents the edges of the protective layer from lifting off when decoating TPF glass. The grinding wheel is positioned 10mm from the edge or corner, and it starts decoating in the opposite direction to prevent the protective layer from lifting. In this way, the start of the pass has already been made when starting the second phase, so the edge will not lift easily.

The ACR also features an Advanced Cooling System, which cools the surface of the grinding wheel by blowing cold air and cleans any surface adhering residues, significantly reducing the number of wheel grinding operations. A perfect decoating finish is guaranteed with every operation, eliminating any possibility of unwanted ‘bar code’ finishes.

Moreover, the system uses a grinding wheel set to a pre-defined speed for each sheet type, and the grinding wheel is raised and lowered by a magnetic drive, combined with an analogue sensor and PID controller. The ACR can also perform linear operations and shapes thanks to the multi-turn orientation system, which rotates at more than 360º.

To concentrate the absorption of residues from the decoating process, the entire system is protected by a hermetic housing that makes it ideal for avoiding air leaks. The ACR decoating system also incorporates a high flow, three-phase vacuum cleaner for the collection of residues generated during the decoating process. An 80 cm hose along the cutting bridge and side of the table connects the industrial vacuum cleaner to the decoating system.

Turomas’ new ACR system is a self-calibrated advanced coating removal, specially designed to work with high-performance glass and plastic protective coating (TPF), as well as the cutting-edge EASYPRO® coating. The EASYPRO® coating effectively coat-protects glass against mechanical damage and aging during transportation, handling, storage, and processing. It simply evaporates during tempering, leaving no residue on the glass surface either inside or outside the furnace and with no impact on people’s health and safety. The finish obtained when decoating EASYPRO® protected coated glass has been certified by the manufacturer Saint-Gobain itself – obtaining more than satisfactory results both at 100m/ min and at 4000 rpm.

Turomas’ latest innovation in decoating systems satisfies the unmet needs of some of the most demanding customers in today’s market. It caters to higher glass volumes in multiple coating formats while having less impact on the environment. Turomas’ ACR system is a high-performance decoating solution that removes a wide range of coatings and manages process-related waste.

Source: TUROMAS with additional information added by Apazone.

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