Turomas Group Expands Horizon with Launch of Distecglass S.L., a Pioneering Venture in Glass Consumables Distribution

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Turomas Group Diversifies its Portfolio with Distecglass S.L.: A Game-Changer in Specialized Glass Consumables Distribution

In a strategic move signaling exponential growth, the TUROMAS Group announces the establishment of Distecglass S.L., a newly formed company within its expanding conglomerate. Since its inception on July 3rd, Distecglass has swiftly emerged as a key player, dedicated to the specialized distribution of consumable products tailored for businesses engaged in glass manufacturing and transformation. Situated in Teruel, the company is bolstered by a seasoned team, meticulously recruited to steer this venture toward success, drawing expertise from notable entities like Ada Distribuciones.

Embracing a holistic approach, Distecglass leverages the amalgamated experience of its new leadership and the TUROMAS Group to construct a formidable national sales network. Partnerships with Adetec, Satecrís, NTPS, and Tecnicglass span the south, center, north, Catalonia, and the Balearic Islands, aligning seamlessly with TUROMAS’ existing network. This strategic maneuver not only signifies a substantial leap forward for TUROMAS but also underscores its commitment to diversification, fortifying its market presence.

Distecglass, S.L., Technical Glass, and Façade Solutions, distinguishes itself as a paramount player in the distribution and technical consultancy of consumable products. Boasting over two decades of experience, the company has solidified its footprint in Spain and Portugal while venturing into international markets, encompassing Latin America, Europe, and North Africa.

Representing globally recognized brands such as Sika, IGK, Otto Chemie, Logli Massimo, and EDTM, Distecglass ensures access to a premium range of certified products. Beyond distribution, the company offers added value through expert technical advice, project support, and streamlined delivery processes.

Distecglass caters to a diverse clientele, including insulating glass unit manufacturers, industrial glass facade specialists, curtain wall facade experts, glass enclosure professionals, glaziers, engineers, architects, and specifiers. This inclusive approach underscores Distecglass’ commitment to tailoring solutions to meet the distinct needs of each partner, fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships.

With an extensive product catalog covering critical areas such as insulating glass units, glass facades, windows and doors, glazing tools, adhesives, technical sealants, glass transport and storage solutions, tapes and foils, glass fittings, cutting table accessories, and spare parts for glass machinery, Distecglass emerges as a comprehensive and reliable partner in the dynamic world of glass manufacturing and transformation.

Source: Turomas with additional information added by Apazone

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