Turomas and Arquetipo: A Three-Decade Journey in the Glass Sector!

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Quality and Innovation Unite: Arquetipo’s 30-Year Journey with TUROMAS in the Chilean Glass Industry

A Testament to Trust: With over three decades of partnership, Arquetipo and TUROMAS showcase a legacy of excellence in the Chilean glass market. Arquetipo, a company driven by a vision of transforming homes through innovation, found its ideal ally in TUROMAS, a leader in cutting-edge glass technology.

A Journey of Growth: Arquetipo’s evolution from custom windows to national recognition mirrors TUROMAS’s own advancement in glass cutting technology. The strategic alliance, nurtured through the years, saw Arquetipo embracing TUROMAS solutions, including their latest automatic storage and cutting machinery.

Commitment to Excellence: Arquetipo’s investment in TUROMAS’s cutting-edge solutions underscores their dedication to quality. The integration of TUROMAS’s SR-06 rack shuttle glass storage system, RUBI 406VA monolithic cutting table, and LAM 304 + MV300 laminated glass cutting line empowers Arquetipo’s branches across Chile, ensuring efficient, precise, and cost-effective glass cutting.

Close Partnership, Strong Bond: TUROMAS’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and their local presence in Chile have solidified the partnership. Arquetipo’s General Manager, Joaquín Baeza, attests to the enduring trust, highlighting TUROMAS as an indispensable ally.

Empowering a Vision: Together, Arquetipo and TUROMAS continue to shape the Chilean glass industry. TUROMAS’s cutting-edge solutions, combined with Arquetipo’s commitment to quality, are not just tools but enablers of architectural innovation and customer delight.

Source: Turomas with additional information added by Apazone

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