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Transformation Unveiled: Robert Bürkle Charts New Path with Four Independent Divisions

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Shaping the Future: Robert Bürkle Transforms with Four Independent Divisions

A New Era of Efficiency and Agility

The global powerhouse, Robert Bürkle GmbH, renowned for its expertise in press and coating technologies, hails from Freudenstadt, Germany. Embracing change with vision and purpose, the company has undertaken a strategic transformation, culminating in the establishment of four independent business divisions. This strategic shift promises to redefine the landscape of efficiency and customer-centricity.

Championing Agility and Responsiveness

The dawn of this new chapter is marked by a resounding belief in the power of agility and responsiveness. The restructured model propels each division towards enhanced speed and precision, tailored to meet the distinct needs of individual customers. As Jürgen Schröer, CEO of the Bürkle Group, affirms, “This model enhances efficiency, enabling divisions to swiftly and precisely cater to evolving customer demands.”

A Guiding Duo for a Transformed Horizon

As of 2023, Jürgen Schröer’s leadership is amplified by Martin Meister, who assumes responsibility not only for managing commercial divisions but also for the dynamic global development and digitalization of the company. This dual leadership sets the tone for a future that harmonizes tradition and innovation.

Meet the Divisions

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Division

Heading the PCB division is Marco Schaible, a seasoned expert who has steered the production branch in Shanghai and facilitated the creation of the new production facility in Taicang. His purview extends to the Asian business, fortifying the division’s global presence.

Photovoltaics, Technical Glass, and Plastic Card Division

Kai P. Treuner takes the helm of this multifaceted division, bringing a wealth of experience, particularly in the realm of glass and photovoltaic applications, garnered from his extensive tenure in various organizations.

Surface Division (Woodworking)

Matthias Picker, with a profound understanding of the international woodworking machine market, spearheads the Surface Division. His expertise ensures the formulation and execution of pivotal projects and strategies that will shape the trajectory of the Bürkle Group.

Door and Parquet Lines, Insulating Elements, and Automation Division

The branch in Mastholte near Rietberg finds a dedicated leader in Dr. Arno Rogalla (interim basis). This division encompasses door and parquet lines, insulating elements, as well as automation and robotics technologies that underpin the group’s operations.

A Vision for Independent Evolution

In the ensuing years, each division embarks on an independent journey, with unique focal points. The diverse range of services, product offerings, and global positioning are meticulously crafted to best serve diverse markets and discerning customers.

A Tribute to Progress

As part of this transformative journey, Olaf Rohrbeck, the former Managing Director for Sales and Technology, has departed the company at the close of July 2023. His invaluable insights and guidance remain as he continues to contribute to the transformation process in an advisory capacity.

The Robert Bürkle transformation is underway, paving the way for a future where innovation, divisional empowerment, and customer value converge.

Source: Robert Bürkle GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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