Transform Your Furnace Efficiency with LiteSentry Owl® 5 Optimization System

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Introducing the Revolutionary Owl® 5 Furnace Optimization System by LiteSentry

LiteSentry, the world leader in tempered glass inspection systems, has done it again! They have announced the release of their latest innovation, the Owl® 5 tempering furnace optimization system. This fully automated system is a game-changer in the industry and promises to revolutionize the way glass tempering is done.

The Owl® 5 is a patented system that can detect and discern glass types, coatings, thickness, and even the location of parts. With this information, the Owl® 5 automatically selects the optimal recipe, which is then transmitted to the furnace control system for implementation. This recipe selection process optimizes the performance of the tempering line, increases throughput, and improves quality, all while redeploying valuable labor resources. It’s like having your most experienced operator available 24/7!

Moreover, the Owl® 5 can be used in conjunction with an Osprey distortion scanner to provide the Missing Part Notifier. This feature alerts the unload team of any missing part, allowing for quick initiation of a needed remake and avoiding costly downtime at downstream processes.

The Owl® 5 also comes equipped with Load Validator™ geometry and fault detection system, which detects any issues such as overlapping pieces, broken corners, wide loads, etc. If any non-conforming conditions exist, the system stops the conveyor to prevent breakage in the furnace and quench. This feature saves significant time and money, as it avoids expensive delays and the need for a clean-up that can take 5-20 hours.

LiteSentry’s Owl® 5 Furnace Optimization System is the answer to all your tempering needs.

Visit to learn more and experience the future of tempered glass inspection systems!

Source: Softsolution – LiteSentry with additional information added by Apazone

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