Thermoseal Group: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Distribution Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

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Revolutionizing Sustainability at Thermoseal Group

In the pursuit of a greener future, Thermoseal Group is leading the way with its eco-conscious practices, setting a new standard for sustainable business operations.

Driving Efficiency Through In-House Deliveries

Thermoseal Group takes pride in its self-reliant approach to deliveries, utilizing its own fleet of vehicles dispatched directly from its four British stock warehouses. This strategy not only ensures timely deliveries but also eliminates the need for external courier services, allowing us to offer exceptional service at competitive prices, asserts Sales Director Mark Hickox.

Reducing Waste: From Production to Packaging

Our commitment to energy-efficient products extends to our transport strategy and packaging methods. By investing in automated production lines, we’ve slashed energy usage in Thermobar’s manufacture by almost 40%. Additionally, we actively encourage customers to switch to reusable steel stillages, eliminating the hassle of cardboard disposal and reducing packaging waste significantly.

Our innovative packaging method, featuring Thermoflex flexible spacer bars coiled onto plastic reels and enclosed in reusable plastic bags inside cardboard boxes, has diverted an impressive 80% of packaging away from landfills. This approach not only aligns with our environmental goals but also ensures cost savings for our valued customers.

Harnessing Solar Energy and Embracing Electric Mobility

Embracing renewable energy, Thermoseal Group recently installed a Solar PV System at our Wigan site, producing 420MW of electricity annually. This sustainable energy powers both Thermobar and Thermoflex manufacturing processes, reducing our reliance on the grid and accounting for 15% of our energy needs. Furthermore, our commitment to electric mobility is evident with the installation of electric vehicle charging points across all sites and the use of electric forklift trucks, capitalizing on the energy generated by our solar panels.

A Commitment to Quality, Sustainability, and Affordability

“At Thermoseal Group, we are not just a manufacturer; we are champions of sustainability,” emphasizes Mark Hickox. “We recognize the vital role sustainability plays in safeguarding our environment and ensuring competitive pricing for our customers, without compromising the exceptional quality we are renowned for.”

For further information, please visit or contact at 0121 331 3955.

Source: Thermoseal Group with additional information added by Apazone

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