Thermoseal Group Achieves Outstanding Success as Investors in People

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Thermoseal Group Achieves ‘Developed’ Level Performance as Recognized by Investors in People

Thermoseal Group, the renowned IGU component supplier, has reached an exceptional milestone by attaining the ‘Developed’ level of performance following a successful assessment by Investors in People. This accomplishment serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication of every team member who shares the company’s vision of delivering top-notch products and outstanding service to its valued customers.

A Shared Vision for Success

Gwain Paterson, the Managing Director and owner of Thermoseal Group, expressed his delight with the achievement, stating, “This outstanding result exemplifies Thermoseal Group’s commitment to providing the industry’s finest IGU components. We believe that our vision can only be fully realized when each member of our organization shares the same passion.”

With the impressive recognition from Investors in People, Thermoseal Group looks forward to continuing its growth trajectory and meeting the anticipated surge in demand while expanding its flourishing export business.

Empowering the Workforce

The comprehensive report, conducted by Gordon Stopani, involved in-depth interviews with a significant portion of Thermoseal Group’s employees. It highlighted the company’s strong emphasis on empowering its workforce and fostering a deep understanding of its plans and goals. The report acknowledged the significant investments made in new plant and equipment, which has led to the acquisition of new skills and enhanced working practices, ensuring the company’s competitiveness.

Meeting Growing Demands

Thermoseal Group is proactively preparing for the rising demand for triple glazing by implementing new manufacturing lines and storage facilities. These enhancements will facilitate the production and distribution of Thermobar in wider widths of 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm. Additionally, the company has invested in a third twin-strand extruder capable of manufacturing all thicknesses, including 4.8mm, 6.3mm, and 7.3mm, as well as air spaces up to 28mm in twin strand. Thermoseal Group also supplies a comprehensive range of other essential products, such as corner keys, desiccants, primary and secondary sealants, and cloth tape. Each component undergoes rigorous testing at the company’s laboratory to ensure optimal performance in sealed units, guaranteeing long-lasting quality.

Positive Sentiment and Continuous Growth

According to the Investors in People report, survey sentiment within Thermoseal Group is overwhelmingly positive. Since the previous survey conducted in 2020, the company has made remarkable progress across all nine indicators of the standard. The well-structured and organized work environment, combined with ongoing investments in cutting-edge technology and equipment, has propelled Thermoseal Group to achieve record levels of business performance.

Interviews conducted as part of the assessment revealed high levels of employee satisfaction, with the company being recognized as a fair and exceptional employer. Notably, Thermoseal Group has made significant investments in training and learning opportunities, providing employees at all levels with greater prospects for growth and advancement while fostering a robust talent management pipeline.

Gwain Paterson expressed his gratitude to the dedicated team of nearly 150 individuals spread across three sites in Wigan and Birmingham, acknowledging their contributions in production, warehousing, testing, sales, distribution, technical support, and various other roles. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, Thermoseal Group has become the leading supplier of IGU components in the glazing industry, and this prestigious award is a source of great pride for everyone involved.

Source: Thermoseal Group with additional information added by Apazone

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