Tecglass: Revolutionizing Bird-Friendly Glass Applications with Cutting-Edge Solutions

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TVITEC’s Bird-Friendly Glass: The Perfect Solution for Google’s New Campus

The Bay View Google Campus is undoubtedly an impressive feat of modern architecture, and TVITEC is proud to have contributed to its creation. As one of the largest high-performance glass processors in Europe, TVITEC manufactured over 20,000 meters of glass for the building’s envelope, including highly sustainable double glazing with bird-friendly glass that plays a crucial role in the building’s design.

TECGLASS, a company that provides digital printing solutions for bird-friendly glass applications, made this possible by offering a wide variety of patterns that are ready-to-go for different uses, such as spandrels, laminated glass, curved glass, and insulated glass units. Thanks to its unique digital printing technology, Tecglass ensured perfect visibility for bird safety while maintaining the aesthetic of transparent glass for human eyes.

The ceramic frit patterns applied directly onto glass create an aesthetic that reflects Google’s corporate image while fulfilling bird-friendly glass regulations required for the building. Moreover, Tecglass’s ceramic inks and patterns are ideal for bird-friendly glass applications because they significantly reduce reflection and glare, providing a visual barrier for birds to detect the panel and avoid collisions.

The glass industry now recognizes bird-friendly glass as a “must.” Tecglass’s technology provides manufacturers with extended flexibility and versatility in terms of colors and patterns to be applied, regardless of the project’s nature. With inherent digital printing advantages, more complex design patterns are available to manufacturers when creating their own design projects for bird-friendly glass applications, adhering to standardized guidelines, such as the “2×4 rule,” which has been proven to significantly reduce the number of bird collisions.

In conclusion, TVITEC and Tecglass have partnered to create a stunning example of how technology and design can come together to fulfill a vital purpose. The Bay View Google Campus is proof that bird-friendly glass is an essential consideration for any construction project, and TVITEC and Tecglass are leaders in this field.

Source: Tecglass with additional information added by Apazone

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