Tecglass revolutionizes solar power with decorative photovoltaic glass

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Decorative Photovoltaic Glass by Tecglass: Perfectly Balancing Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics

As the world shifts towards renewable energy technologies, photovoltaic glass panels are gaining momentum in the global trend. Tecglass has launched a new range of inks for digital printing on PV glass called the JETVER TRANSLUCENT range. This range introduces an infinite variety of colors, including all kinds of RAL colors, allowing architects to design and manufacture unique photovoltaic glass units on facades and ceilings.

The goal is to combine environmental resistance, energy efficiency, and decoration in a single product. Tecglass aims to give the glass a powerful and unique colorful aesthetic while providing endless design possibilities in single or multicolor graphics. The high transmission of the glass maintains energy efficiency, camouflaging the solar panel without sacrificing profitability.

Tecglass has released a wide variety of designs that seek to minimize the visual impact by providing a superlative artful appearance to the solar panel. As glass decoration is a current trend, the company has developed a new generation of inks for decorating photovoltaic glass in semi-transparent, colored, or graphic patterns.

One of Tecglass’s customers, Activ’Glass Issol Ltd., uses Jetver Translucent to supply photovoltaic glass units in the architectural market. Activ’Glass is creating spotting applications such as SolarTerra, equipping traditional buildings with solar technology while respecting their cultural heritage. Another example is Woodsolar, a wooden facade replication starting from a picture of a real wooden facade and printed onto the glass.

The future is energy efficiency, and decorative photovoltaic glass by Tecglass perfectly balances energy efficiency and aesthetics. To find out more about applications like SolarTerra and Woodsolar, please visit the links below:

SolarTerra – https://www.activ-glass.com/solarterra Woodsolar – https://www.activ-glass.com/wood-solar

Source: Tecglass with additional information added by Apazone

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